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YouTube could become the biggest video-based online store

YouTube channel owners today use the platform to sell products through links that they include in the description box, but soon you will be able to click on the product in the video and purchase it directly through YouTube without having to to go to an external online store.

Bloomberg revealed a plan by Google to turn YouTube into a huge online store to compete with popular stores like Amazon or Facebook that take a similar approach on Instagram.

Google has started testing the feature with a number of channels, as it has asked them to tag and reference products to analyze this data to use in developing the shopping tools it will provide later, and even to support integration with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

There is a great opportunity for YouTube to enter more strongly in the e-commerce sector, for example, a channel aimed at women that offers lessons on applying cosmetics for sale, or channels to rate smartphones and other.

Of course, YouTube will deduct a percentage from each transaction that has yet to be determined, and many details are still unknown as the feature is in the early stages of testing.

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