Within 48 hours .. the people of Najran pay the blood money of an “Egyptian” resident on behalf of another “Q

10 July 2021 – 30 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
09:23 PM

Make sure the extent to which the people of the homeland appreciate those who live on their land is correct

Within 48 hours, the people of Najran pay the blood money of an “Egyptian” resident on behalf of another “Sudanese”.

A story that is stranger than fiction, not alien to the people of Najran region. The fear of the people is not limited to some of them, rather the matter goes beyond borders. The people wrote the most wonderful example of solidarity, solidarity and standing with one of the symbols, when Najran learned about the matter, they rushed, as usual, to dismay, regardless of the needy citizen or resident, and they preferred the human side over another matter.

Today, the story of Wafaa is of a new kind, the heroes of which are the honorable people of Najran with a Sudanese resident, who has lived among them for 37 years. The story happened that an accident happened to a son, Ahmed Hussein, who was near to run over a resident of Egyptian nationality; He issued a legal ruling on the origin of the payment of blood money. As soon as the case was identified, the citizen Hussain and Bran Al Mansour adopted the initiative, and broadcast it through his account to the honorable people of Najran, who rushed in less than 48 hours to pay 112 thousand riyals to the families of the Egyptian under the Sharia ruling.

And part of the thanks and worthy contributions to relieve this distress from the people of Najran, who participated in Valentine’s Day. Khairy, who brought joy to his family.

It is closer to imitating its tradition than imitating it back home.

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