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With simple tools, explain to your child the principles of physics to become a genius child

The child is born with an innate tendency to discover, observe, observe and acquire information, which is why the cognitive development of the child is considered one of the most important things that help to ensure that he is develops naturally, so it is the duty of parents to help children to discover and provide the suitable environment for the child and not to attach to him the characteristic of sabotage and not to inhibit such attempts. Maria Montessori believed that every child is born with a small world in her womb, and she found that a child who did not reach the first year and insisted on throwing everything on the ground is nothing but a world that discovers gravity and is fascinated by it. Therefore, the Montessori approach encourages the introduction of activities for the child according to his age, interests and preferences, and using real tools to obtain the information he wants and which stimulates his passion, which in turn will increase his ability to recognize and deal with the world.

and since physics One of the largest and most related sciences in the life of people, it is the science which explains the occurrence of most of the natural phenomena that occur in our regular daily events. It also explains the nature of things and their characteristics. The child is expected to stand up or see a lot Physical properties While interacting with the environment around it.

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How to explain the principles of physics to children?

The best means by which the child learns is through play, observation and use of the senses after that for application rather than theoretical teaching. The more the child participates with more of his senses in learning anything, the better his knowledge of that thing will be. Therefore, the best way for a child to become familiar with physical properties is to experiment with him so that he can see for himself, notice and recognize these properties.

Some experiments that show simple physical properties

1. Air is a flexible gas

Take a balloon and fill it with air and another balloon and fill it with sand, and throw both towards the ground, you will notice that only the balloon filled with air will bounce back towards you, and this is proof of the flexibility of the air. And that’s the idea of ​​playing football and basketball.

2. Reflection and absorption of heat

Bring white and black paper and place them for 10 minutes in the sun. Measure the temperature with a thermometer, you will notice that the black paper registered a higher temperature, and so we conclude that the light colors are able to reflect heat, while the darker colors have a greater capacity to absorb heat. .

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3. Gas condensation

In cold weather, stand in front of the window and breathe out, you will notice water drops forming on the glass, which is because the gas can condense when exposed to a cold surface.

4. Pollution

In a dark room, point a flashlight at an object in the room, you will notice the appearance of a beam of light penetrated by enough small particles in the air, indicating that the air is not completely pure , and when the air is filled with these particles, it becomes polluted.

5. Stress turns into energy

Take a piece of ice and press it with a fork, you will notice that the top of the ice cube has melted immediately, as the pressure from the fork caused heat energy to form and the ice to melt.

6. Balance and body weight

Take a ruler and try to place it horizontally on your finger, you will notice that at one point only it can balance itself and not tilt to one side or the other, this point is called the balance point . The equilibrium point of any object is the point at which the weight of the object is equal on both sides.

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7. How can the air lift heavy objects?

A plastic bag on a table with a book on top so that the open end of the bag is on the outside of the table, lift the bag a little, then blow hard from the open side, you will notice the height of the book, because the extra air particles that were added due to blowing pushed out causing the bag to expand and the book to lift.

8. Density

A few cups with different sweeteners, water, chlorine oil, dish soap, try to provoke it, and you will find a difference in the fluidity, this difference is due to the different density of these substances.

9. Refraction of light

The rainbow is one of the most common phenomena that occurs spontaneously and can be explained by a physical property, which is the refraction of light. All you need is a clear plastic cup filled with water, white paper, and a sundial. Place the mug on the windowsill facing the sunlight and place the paper on the floor where the sunlight falls, you will find that a rainbow has appeared on the paper, although the light of the sun appears colorless, but it is made up of a group of colors, while the light passes through the water In the cup, the ray of each color is refracted at a different angle, and when these rays are reflected off the paper , a rainbow appears.

10. Water is an ionic liquid

The meaning of the word ionic means that it consists of positive and negative charges.To prove it, turn on the tap water so that a very small selection of water flows, and tune your head with a comb about 40 times, then bring the comb closer to the water and you will notice the flexing of the water. The explanation for this is that when you rub the head of the comb, an electric charge forms on it, and when the comb comes close to water, it attracts the electric charge unlike its charge, which leads to the curvature of the water current.

These experiments are simple and can be performed easily and will not take long, but they are sure to grab the child’s attention and teach him principles in one of the most popular branches of science.