With 45 years of experience, a Saudi falconer tames the Al-Shawaheen in the Arabic language

July 06, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 26, 1442
04:34 PM

To serve the “Haded” program launched by the Saudi Falcons Club in November

With 45 years of experience, a Saudi falconer tames the Al-Shawaheen, the authentic Arabic verse

Saudi falconer Mohammed Saad Al Hamsan Al-Shehri has volunteered his nearly 45 years of experience to serve the “Haded” program launched by the Saudi Falcon Club last November for falcons to their natural habitats and original habitats. To preserve rare breeds from extinction and sustain the heritage hobby.

And he mentioned “that age,” then a year, age 66, then Omar a year, and he sells Qurans, Omar, Omar, Omar, and keeps. Chicks, young birds or releasing them again.

As he is due to make up to 20 due to up to about 20, he produces about 30 chicks a year, and he trades it for him.

He clarifies that the “Haded” program shows that he is responsible for following up on three small breeds that incubate six pairs of mountain peregrine falcons, one of the hawks that have been endemic to the Arabian Peninsula since ancient times.
You must issue the program within the Kingdom in 15 locations distributed over eight administrative regions, in order to ensure its safety, photograph it, and place the grouse in the chicks that start in imaker, and protect it from people who frequent its areas and try to hunt it or the source of the image, the source of the image that it follows Start running Produced by 10 chicks.

The journey began after preparing the felines in vital areas with live prey and prey, and the female falcon (qarnasah), is placed in each cunning, where she mates with male hawks in nature, to lay her eggs in February of each year, and the couple protects those eggs for 45 days, leaving the felines Never, one of them only leaves for hunting and food, and when the eggs hatch, the chicks come out, to begin the stage of their education, and the process takes about two months.

Starting from learning a distance of 50 meters only, then the distance gradually increases, and it resembles the stage of the child’s crawling and walking, and the chick also learns from its mother to hunt prey and its methods, and it is similar to the process of teaching the same person in food and drink, as it is a place in which she lives, lives and lives.

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