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What did Charlie Kaufman offer before his last film?

فيلم Eternaal sunshine of the spotless mind

Charlie Kaufman’s last film was released last September. I think I’m finishing things up on Netflix. But the film deserves to be seen in the cinema, with its particularity to place the spectator in a private world. Like his previous Charlie Kaufman films, which feature different worlds and are full of dazzling elements, the most famous of them is the Eternal Sun of the Flawless Spirit for which he won the Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Charlie kaufman

All of Charlie Kaufman’s films are unique and dreamlike in their randomness and absurdity. Kaufman creates a parallel reality with his own laws to present important and realistic ideas in unreal worlds. Between surrealistic ideas and events, sometimes simplified and very complex at other times, and discussion of human subjects such as relationships and psychological conflicts, the long hours delight the viewer. So what did Kaufman do before this movie?

Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich's movie

Craig, a desperate puppeteer who can’t bring his art to light, is forced to find a normal job, but finds himself in an unusual place. At his workplace, he discovers a small door that sends someone to penetrate it into the body of actor John Malkovich for a few minutes, so that he and his colleague decide to exploit it for financial gain. Then the exploitation grows much further and Craig uses von Malkovich’s body as one of his dolls to achieve everything he can’t.

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Do you want to be someone else? Is a person’s real worth in his soul or in his body and name? Charlie Kaufman addresses and embraces these important questions about the self through this portal that leads to John Malkovich. It offers us an extraordinary story full of funny details in a dazzling storyline full of wonderful phrases and crazy unpredictable events.

Human nature

Human nature

Dr Bronfman wants to teach humans good behaviors, so he begins his experiments by teaching mice behavior and teaching them good table manners. The Doctor connects with Laila, who has long lived in nature among animals due to the freedom and acceptance she found in this environment. Then they meet a man in the woods who has lived his entire life as a chimpanzee and knows nothing about urbanization, so the doctor decides to carry out his experiments on him teaching him and training him to civilize with the help of Laila, but things get complicated.

A complex, intricate and entertaining story told in a more than wonderful way. It revolves around the nature, instincts and instincts of man, and it raises powerful philosophical questions about what human nature is, the difference between primitive man and civilized man, and what is freedom. In a brilliantly written comedy drama by Charlie Kaufman, he portrays different types of people, mocks humanity, and criticizes their actions.

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Adaptation film

Charlie Kaufman and his imaginary twin Donald Kaufman are two writers who live together but are very different. Donald doesn’t find it difficult to write screenplays, while Charlie suffers from his inability to turn the reality-inspired book “The Orchid Thief” into a screenplay. But his real failure is not to write the script for the film but to write the script of his life. He suffers from social anxiety that prevents him from interacting normally with others, so he turns to his brother to help him.

His vivid imagination managed to come up with an innovative solution and he wrote a movie about himself as he struggled to write a screenplay for this book. Charlie Kaufman wrote a brilliant and awesome screenplay that earned him an Oscar nomination with his imaginary twin, Donald Kaufman. As he managed to present the contents of the book in the film, but in another more pleasant context.

Confessions of a dangerous mind

Confessions of a dangerous mind

The life of Chuck Paris, the creator of the most famous American entertainment program of the last century, and his killer work for the CIA at the same time, or as he himself had thought. Based on the autobiography Chuck Paris wrote of himself under the title Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and interviews with the most important figures in his life, we take a close look at what Chuck went through, his relationships. , his career and his vision of them.

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Imagine the strangeness of reality rivaling the strangeness of Charlie Kaufman’s scenarios! Chuck Paris was no ordinary life, which allowed Kaufman to turn him into a movie script. Kaufman put the film in a comedic setting that suits the central character, which represents rich material, and was able to draw the events of the film with him by making the reality flow from the mind of Chuck himself and not from his. real reality.

Eternal Sunshine of the Flawless Spirit

Eternal Sun of the Immaculate Spirit

A person can now visit a clinic and request that a person be erased from their mind with all of their memories and related questions. This is what Clémentine did with her boyfriend, Joël, after the tumultuous times they went through and despite the happy times that came before them. Joel discovers what Clémentine has done and decides to do the same in a moment of rage. But during the process of clearing his mind, their memories pass by and he realizes that he is speeding up, so he tries to stop this process.

Charlie Kaufman takes us on a weird and wonderful journey that teaches us a lot, through Joel’s mind and through it, wandering through his memories and past. The film is fun and very emotional, and its unfolding allows you to start watching it from any point in time, pointing out that erasing your mistakes from your memory doesn’t necessarily stop you from continuing to do so. the same mistakes because they are what you are.

Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York

Kayden, a director afflicted by many illnesses and illnesses, feels his end is approaching, and at the same time all aspects of his other life are crumbling. But he gets an art grant which he decides to use to implement a project in which he exhibits a miniature model of New York. His project is so realistic that he brings an actor to play his role, then an actor to play the role of this actor, and reenacts the strange events that he lives on a daily basis.

Charlie Kaufman’s first directing experience in his most complex screenplay. The events of the film are so absurd and random that it makes it difficult to understand, you won’t be able to understand exactly what is going on, but you will enjoy the scenes and dialogue during Kayden’s attempts to understand life, search for meaning and his search for his human needs. Some scenes may also reflect your personal reality now or for a period.


Movie Anomalisa

Michael is a successful man in his field, but he suffers from boredom in every detail of his life, especially the people he deals with on a daily basis. Meaningless, artificial and duplicated conversations walking on the floor, which allowed him to truly see all people with one face and the same voice. He travels on a business trip and tries to break through this boredom with everything he has, and it happens when he finds a girl different from the others called Lisa.

Kaufman visualized human reality in an animated film and even took advantage of it by having the performers of only three voices, Michael, Lisa, and someone else, be everyone’s voices. He took a deep look at life in general and human relationships in particular, which are usually steeped in apathy and boredom. And present all aspects of our lives as a given that we engage in without thinking without stopping and enjoying it, in a bleak and realistic scenario to a large extent.

I think of the end of things

I think to end things

Jake is going to visit his parents on an isolated and isolated farm with his girlfriend to introduce them to them for the first time, and his girlfriend is not completely sure about their relationship and its continuation. After a long journey and an atmosphere full of tension and weirdness, the car dominates and dominates their conversations, they finally reach the farm, and the whole movie begins to take a suspicious turn that leaves the viewer confused by what is going on.

Kaufman wrote the script for the film based on the novel of the same name and directed it for us. Lots of long dialogue that seems empty of gossip but has meaning behind it, few actors in limited places and a camera that doesn’t move much that portrays a lifeless atmosphere. All are elements that have helped to draw the big picture of the film, which is the human being trapped in himself without real life, in this film which draws the viewer into an atmosphere of psychological horror.

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