Violence against women… an epidemic in Turkey

Violence against women… an epidemic in Turkey

Mubarak Al Aati – Riyadh

The fragility of the Turkish regime has appeared in dealing with its local issues, since its inception in a general scene of violence against women who suffer hardship, which began as a result of the phenomenon of violence that robbed her of her rights and demands, stifled her voice, and darkened her days.

Turkey’s KCDP platform “We will stop the women” published a tour last June, of the killing of 18 women, and the suspicious death of 20 women in Turkey.

Reports indicate 50% of those killed in their homes.

The report disclosed the diversity and traditions followed in the execution of murders and the use of firearms and sharp tools such as knives, in addition to suffocation and burning, and the report noted that dozens of women were not clear how their murders were carried out.

The report showed the motives of the murders in the murders, linking the same name, linking the evidence in the accounting guide, adding economic or financial ownership, and indicating that the report refers to the perpetrators of the murders, the murders, the murders, or the name itself.

He stressed the phenomenon of violence against men

Considering that the escalation of violence against women, Turkey, Turkey officially on March 20, the Istanbul International Convention, 2011 in Turkey, the photo exhibition in 2011, the photo exhibition, Paris, the exhibition of violence against women and domestic violence and combating them, a witness signed by 45 countries Legislation, legislation on crimes of violence against women, and the prosecution and accountability of perpetrators.

The withdrawal from the Istanbul conference, widespread women’s protests, and warnings of an exacerbation of violence against women, where “We will stop the women” began to appear, resulted in the killing of 17 women, one woman and one single woman. the kill.

With regard to browsers, looking to get alive, violence is emerging against them.

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