Very hot during the day and moderate in the morning

11 July 2021 – 1 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442
09:08 am

He said: Winds from medium to semi-strong on the western, Riyadh and eastern

Weather for the first days, signed by Al-Hussaini: Very hot during the day and moderate in the morning

Weather researcher and member of the Climatic Nomenclature Committee Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini expected, today, Sunday, an atmosphere of very hot during the day in most areas, and tends to moderate temperatures in the morning.

It appears on his Twitter account: Rain is expected in parts of the heights of Makkah, Al Baha, Asir, Jazan, Yemen and Oman Emirates Store.

Continuation: moderate to semi-strong winds over western Riyadh and eastern.

And it was reported in a report on the weather for today, thunderstorms, and showers from the regions (Najran, Asir, Al Baha). Western from Eastern, Western, Western Australia, while coastal provinces and highways run along the Red Sea coast, and very hot weather continues over the Eastern District.

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