Vegetable import licenses aim to regulate the market and protect the current wealth

July 06, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 26 1442
01:40 PM

Continuing continuity of food security

Agriculture: Vegetable import licenses are aimed at regulating the market and plant wealth

The sources, in the name of the Ministry of Environment, confirmed the expectations, aiming to launch a new mechanism for importing vegetables and fruits; It is to adjust the quality of products, vegetable crops.

During a telephone interview with the “Sabah Al-Saudia” program, broadcast on the Saudi channel, on Tuesday, Tuesday, Al-Musnad said: The import service is for those wishing to import to submit their applications electronically, provided that the application begins on the first of the next Muharram.

According to the “Radio and Television Authority” website, the study of the application does not exceed three days, and the applicant is notified in the event of approval of the passport’s approval status.

And Abizaid: foreign investment

He stressed his head and glorification, his desire for food stability, his humerus, his winter and plant safety.

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