Vaccination of women who are about to marry mothers after childbirth Ba

Jul 09, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 29 1442
08:37 PM

According to the global health strategy and the Kingdom’s commitment to raising society’s immunity

The Ministry of Health: Immunization of women who are about to marry and mothers after childbirth with the viral trio

The “Health_937” account confirmed that it sent the participating women’s education on marriage and mothers after childbirth by vaccinating them with the triple viral in two doses, and between them a month.

This came in response to the account’s response to one of the tweeters’ inquiries. The account said: “According to the World Health Organization, and the Kingdom’s commitment to raising immunity against measles, hookah measles and congenital measles, it is recommended to vaccinate women with measles, after childbirth, with the viral triple, with two doses one month apart.”

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