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The strongest messages of rebuke to the careless traveling husband

The strongest messages of rebuke to the careless traveling husband

Does fate want you and married a spouse who is absent from you? Without taking care of yourself? Or take care of your misfires? Today let’s send the strongest messages of reproach to the careless traveling husband, I hope he will understand what you are going through while he is away.

Letters of rebuke to the husband of the careless traveler

– My dear husband, I remember the day you promised me never to neglect me. I know the right to know that you are busy at work, but do you travel only for the sake of stability ?! How can our family harmony be achieved when you neglect our subject like this? Just to warn you, how much we have missed you.

– I found that you had not initiated comfort on us, as I know the weight of your professional responsibilities! We are fine, we need you, we are waiting for your call.

– Tell you something? How do I yearn for you, warns you? Feel bad that you neglected us, remember, we are your primary responsibility.

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– If you can’t be with us, is it too much for us to be sure of our terms? After all, how much we missed you!

– My beloved husband, your absence has lasted a long time, your communication has diminished, so how can you be the basis for which we cannot live without him? Isn’t it time for young people to get away from it all and meet up ?!

– If your absence lasts a long time, we are waiting for you, and if you are busy for a long time, we all hope that you will give us time, and reassure each other.

– I blame you, how do you stay like that ?! Do not be assured of our conditions? Isn’t that enough absence and travel? Are we an asset to you? Or a branch?

We have sworn that a day will only pass if contentment embraces us, and happiness overwhelms us, so how can we when you are far from our eyes, far from what is going on around us ?!

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Know that if you wanted to, you would create opportunities; You can therefore be reassured and communicate with us, except that you do not. I apologize to you, but I’m sorry for our condition.

– For you, I missed my beloved husband, and your communication with me is tender, may I have some time? A little thought?

– How are you my love? Sorry for you, but I’m disappointed with what you are doing! Isn’t it enough for you to be absent from us?

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A message to the husband of little interest

To you, to whom my heart longs at every moment, I miss you so much, and I am amazed at your business, so how can you endure all this absence ?!

Your interest has waned, apple of the eye, don’t expect our connection ?!

– Honestly, I want you every moment, and I am waiting for the moment when you will come back peacefully and rich, but I am sad that you are a little busy with us, so may I take care of your flower which has always longed for you so much!

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– Away from my eyes, except you’re close to my mind, but what are you doing ?! I miss your interest!

– My sincere husband, I see you in an unusual way. Times and days take you. I just wanna see you, share your journal with you, so is this for me?

– Your care interests me, and I miss your interest, is the absence enough for you ?! How much I want to see you.

– I have a blame for you, I hope you understand my situation, your interest is waning, and that’s what hurts me the most, why honey? Do you want to come ?!

– I’m not used to being away most of the time like that, maybe that’s good, don’t worry, because you want to.

– Dear darling, is that what you promised me? Did you not promise me that you would compensate me for your absence by your interest in me and by your communications with me? Your commitment is honest, you keep what you promise.

– I did not promise to fall behind on what you promised, just remember your promise to be support and support, soon you, or far away.

I’m complaining about you, I’ve neglected you over and over again, I know the extent of your pressure, but I think you don’t do a side thing to me.

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Here we will complete our topic for today, which are letters of rebuke to the careless traveling husband, hoping the Lord of Servants will unite each couple and cover them with his preservation and care.

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