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The rights of the husband when the wife files for divorce under Egyptian law

The rights of the husband when the wife files for divorce under Egyptian law

The husband’s rights to the wife’s divorce petition are: Only two rightsHowever, many couples face many challenges in obtaining them. The following is an explanation of these rights.

The rights of the husband when the wife files for divorce

The right to see is a right that the Creator, the Almighty, has legitimized, for it includes those who reach the womb, and anyone who violates this law will be a sinner. Surprise about her.

But in most cases of divorce, young people are used as a means to put pressure on each party to get revenge on him, which will negatively affect the child’s psyche and destroy his present and future.

Therefore, the law explicitly stipulated the father’s right to see his children, also specified the time and place where the vision would take place, and also stipulated the penalty for a mother who refrained from carrying out the vision decision depicted. by transferring custody to the one who follows her for a period determined by the judge, to dissuade any mother who violates the law of God and violates the law.

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  • The legal basis of the right of vision:

Declared in an article 20 For Law No. 25 for one year 1929 Added by Law No. ten for one year 1985 The seat of the right of vision and its organization:

“Each of the parents has the right to see the young or the young, and the grandparents have the same when the parents are not present, and if it is not possible to organize the vision of a common agreement, the judge organized it in a place which does not harm the child or the child psychologically, and the judgment of the vision is not applied, but if the hand of the teenager refuses the execution of the judgment without excuse that the judge has given, and if this is repeated, the judge may, by virtue of an enforceable judgment, temporarily transfer custody to the next right holder for a period of his estimate.

As indicated in the text of the article 67 From Law No. 1 for one year 2000 Concerning the place of vision:

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<< The judgment rendered with the vision of the adolescent is executed in one of the places specified by a decision issued by the Minister of Justice after the approval of the Minister of Social Affairs, unless the guardian and the person who renders the judgment in favor of an agreement on another place, and in all cases the condition is to be reassuring in the same young person. "

  • List of marriage quotes

It is well known that the list of marital movable property is the right of the wife in the event of separation from her husband, whether this separation is the result of divorce or khula, and in case of khul` , the wife loses her legal financial rights represented in the dowry, the delay of the dowry, the two costs of the enjoyment and the waiting period according to the text of the article 20 From law n ° for the year 2000 This stipulated that “the two spouses must agree on the khula”. If they do not agree with this, the woman took legal action at his request and redeemed herself and divorced her husband giving up all of his legal financial rights, and the dowry he given to him was returned to him and we delegated two arbitrators to continue the efforts of reconciliation between them within a period not exceeding three months.

Therefore, if the husband bought the movable property or part of it from his wife as a gift or dowry and explicitly stated that in the list of marital movable property, or if the husband is able to prove it by the witness testimony, then the list of marital movable property is the exclusive right of the husband in the event of divorce.

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These were the rights of the husband when the wife filed for divorce, with a clarification of the legal basis for each.

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