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The Pearl, a novel by American writer John Steinbeck: Greed and Greed as the Source of All Evil

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It is not a good idea to want something more than you need. Sometimes that can chase away the luck. You have to stop wanting and trust in God’s mercy. From the novel The Pearl by American writer John Steinbeck – John steinbeck.

The Pearl, a short novel by John Steinbeck, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962, was published in 1947 and translated into Arabic as part of the Family Library – Reading for All projects in 2003, and it is considered one masterpieces of world literature, the novel is widely distributed in campaigns calling for reading and schools. Medium for its simplicity, ease and depth of meaning.

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Roman The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Review of the writer's novel The Pearl "John steinbeck".
Review of the novel The Pearl by John Steinbeck.

The novel “The Pearl” – The PearlWriter John Steinbeck tells the story of a primitive Native American family in Mexico made up of three members: Keno, Joanna and the Child. In this region, by beading and selling it, and because they were not merchants and did not have the capacity to be one, they sold the pearls which they bought from the pearl sellers in the city at a low price that did not guarantee them that they would buy anything they needed in the city.

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The events of the novel begin when a baby is stung by a poisonous scorpion. Joanna rushes to get a doctor, but he refuses to come to the poor relatives, so Kino goes on a fishing trip to get some pearls in order to save the doctor’s cost. Joanna and Kino wanted to find the pearl, this huge pearl that provides They are paid enough to care for their son, and it is strange that while she was praying, she was praying to God to receive the huge pearl to heal their son, instead of ask God directly to treat his son.

The miracle happens, and Kino gets what he wants, a huge pearl that he can sell to give his son whatever he wants, he will live in a house in the city, he will go to school, and “he will read books”. As soon as Kino got the pearl, the news spread across the city like wildfire. All the sellers who looked down on Kino and his family became his best friend who wanted his affection to sell his pearl, and the doctor who refused to meet them under the pretext of “Little Indians?” No, I am a doctor and not a veterinarian. He rushed over to them to apologize for not having been there the previous time because he was only a ‘traveler’.

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Steinbeck wanders Kino’s mind, Keno looks at the traditions of the city he will follow when he settles there, and his view of him is as primitive as he is, but it is no less simple. Church wedding and others.

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The Kino family and class life

Author John Stibbank, author of the novel The Pearl
John Steibenk

Steinbeck was born into a low-income American family, failed college, and entered the workforce as a builder.

Likewise, in the story of the Pearl we find Steinbeck well focused on the class side, he divided the city into two parts on economic and social grounds, and in his description of the Kino family he clearly touched on the economy side of these, so Quino eats a small piece of corn cake only for breakfast, while city dwellers have it. What is sufficient for their needs and a surplus for the needs of others.

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Greed and greed as the source of all evil

Indian companies strongly believe in superstitions, this was reflected in Kino’s wife, Joanna. Joanna saw that after receiving the pearl all the evil started and many attempts were made to deceive him by fishermen, and after all they found that the best solution is to steal the pearl as well as He It is clear that many other Indians are greedy for what Kino has and have attempted to steal him, Kino enters into many feats in which he sometimes approaches death and sometimes even death.

Therefore, Joanna believed that the reason for everything that happened to them was the Cursed Pearl, so she found the solution to be to get rid of it, and she tries this a few times, but she fails every time, and every time. once his relationship with Kino increases, until Kino hides the pearl and hits his wife.

The woman may have proven her point, because Kino’s acquisition of the pearl (money) was an insult to bad deeds: the pearl sellers deceived Kino, the attempt of Kino’s neighbors was stolen and she also made their son’s healer to give them poison as an antidote to heal him in order to secure their demand for him!

Greed and greed have led to all of these evils and made the novel people machines that only seek matter, and they are willing to cheat, steal, and even kill to get it.

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Kino has changed and the emotions contrasted

Cover of the novel The Pearl by American writer John Steinbeck.
Cover of the novel, The Pearl, by American writer John Steinbeck.

Not only people are jealous of the Pearl, his crown is Kino, but he has also changed towards himself and towards them. And when he gets the money and the sellers try to cheat on him, we are sympathetic too, because unlike them, his purpose is still noble.

Throughout the novel, Kino was fighting the world, not only his wife trying to get rid of the pearl, not only the pearl sellers who tried to steal it, but also standing against the tide of his people the Indians did. have not once tried to stop the theft and deception that prompted them to sell their pearls at a low price, therefore we find that Kino’s refusal to sell to pearl merchants opposes the tide of society, and this may be the reason for their dissatisfaction with it and their attempt to steal it.

After a period of getting money, Kino’s character begins to transform bit by bit, until we find him not much different from the pearl sellers who try to steal and cheat him, as he also transforms into a monster trying to penetrate the pearl in any way, so he finds no objection to hitting his wife or killing. Who’s trying to steal it.

The novel here tests human nature to judge things: will the reader remain sympathetic to Kino, who hits his wife and rapes her and kills those who try to approach her pearl, or will he s ‘move away from him and oppose him?

The novel, in its limited characters, shows an explicit symbolism of greedy human nature, the novel also contains many secondary ideas that deal with the problems of society, the novel contains a special kind of music and a beautiful, sweet narration of events . As if they were communicating with each other through their feelings, this is consistent with the simple and primal nature of the novel.