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The murder of an innocent child … Fathers who do not belong to the fatherhood

The murder of an innocent child ... Fathers who do not belong to the fatherhood

The world we live in has become full of various colors of misery, misery and lack of humanity, which we have inherited from ourselves. The murder of an innocent child Her life was killed by those who were the reason she came to this life, something which cannot be understood by the mind, and which is not accepted by the heart.

The murder of an innocent child

An innocent child called “Mai Youssef Ahmed” is old six For years a heart known for purity, purity, innocence, has no guilt in life, except that she is the daughter of two parents, who do not belong to parenthood, a father and a mother stripped of all meaning of humanity, of mercy, of compassion, a crime for which the forehead reddens and sheds blood for her tears If it is committed against a human being by those who have only a semblance of heart, what if they are cruel, ruthless, father and mother? Does that make sense?

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Details of the commission of the crime

The child “Mai” lived in a house full of family conflicts, as her paternal grandfather was married to another woman, which caused hatred and distress among the family members, so that all that mattered to them was to devour the inheritance, and how to plan the cunning and the cunning That enables them to grasp what pleases their sick souls, which convince neither few nor many.

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His son “Yusef” thought very skillfully, letting go of his feelings of father and son at the same time, when it was only him to meet his wife, and they started to think about the question, what are they doing to grasp the girl’s grandfather’s money and ties, there must be some damn trap, which allows them to get What they want, and people are pushing them all to claim their rights and compensation, while should we do?

Both spouses thought about killing the grandfather and his wife, but the idea did not see them much, there must be a despicable idea, alone allowing them to earn a lot of money, which prompted them to meet their evil thinking that made them think about the murder of an innocent young girl who has no guilt in life. .

The parents conspired to kill their liver In order to accuse the grandfather and his wife, which prompted them to steal the grandfather’s identity card before the execution of the crime of about Fifteen One day, in addition to stealing grandfather’s dress!

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إقرأ أيضا:ما هو قانون الاحوال الشخصية الجديد

How was the innocent child Mai killed?

When midnight fell, parents began to think about implementing their plan, and after everyone qualified for sleep and the situation stabilized, the time to implement came.

The father quietly summoned his daughter and asked her to come out of the house to help her with some chores, so she was quick to help her father, whom she loved so much, and she did not know that her he and mother were thinking of the murder of an innocent newborn daughter.

After leaving the house, the father figure asked the undeserving child “Mai” to bring her grandfather’s shawl. She took his breath away.

The parents put the dress of the grandfather’s wife under the child, put the shawl and the grandfather’s card on it, and went to their room as if nothing had happened. Sweeping his heart, and all the villagers were terrified, looking for the innocent child “Mai”.

Some time passed, and when they found the girl’s body in the deserted house, all her mother had to do was run to get the grandfather’s card and shawl. And applauded among the people of the village; To broadcast the accusation of grandfather.

إقرأ أيضا:اسئله عامه شخصيه 23 أسئلة عامة شخصية

All family members were arrested and then the real perpetrators were found, namely the father and mother, and unfortunately forensics revealed that the image of the father was on the child’s eye print. .

What is strange is that two years ago a murder took place for the daughter of the grandfather, that is to say the sister of the abuser, and the crime was encountered in the secret at the time, without the author’s knowledge.

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The absence of humanity and conscience

Humanity and mercy are absent from hearts except for those who have mercy on God. How long will stability and security remain a fragile paper that ruthless and humans ruthlessly violate?

What we earn in our lives is nothing but what our hands have won, if we come back again we pray to God to take away from us the scourge of what afflicts our souls, and what is not committed with no heart or conscience we must seek the guidance of the Lord of the worlds, and that He will recover us from what others have afflicted, I wish we could live a spotless and spotless life, in which we would not wake up anything that would harm our hearing and our eyes.

That it does not repeat itself The murder of an innocent child Around us, the accidents and crimes that have tormented our hearts and beyond the comprehension of our minds are not repeated.

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