The Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque and thinking about the void on the Day of Judgment, its horrors and its conditions

Jul 09, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 29 1442
02:21 PM

Al-Badir urges seizing the virtues of the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah and gaining their rewards

The Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque and thinking about the void on the Day of Judgment, its horrors and its conditions

The imam and preacher of the Prophet’s Mosque, Sheikh Salah bin Muhammad al-Badir, spoke about the consequences of being dependent on the world and its pleasures and neglecting the Hereafter and its reckoning.

And he mentioned that the wise and intelligent person is not tempted by the world and its bliss, and does not distract him from obeying his Lord, and he clings to performing his duties and avoiding sins and sins.

He began the sermon by saying: Lunches and dinners pass us by, time and death hijack us, calamities and calamities trouble our lives. The happiest of her animals until time has blessed him with his neighbors, and affliction fell on him with its burdens, and how many dear ones followed. They did not intend to thank, nor did they listen to repentance, for God had opened for them the prosperity and joy of the world, so the slaves thought that blessings do not perish, so they sought and Peter removed their lips and erased their tracks. By seducing a brother, they fulfilled their concerns.

The description of “Al-Badir” refers to the contemplation of the Day of Judgment, its horrors and conditions, and remembering the time of the shift, the hour of meeting and presentation, and the day of judgment and death, by air: Remember to spread the sheets in which are weights of atom and weights of mustard. “On the day a person will flee from his brother, mother, father, girlfriend, and children, to each of them will be the same day.”

Times, work, and massive sermons, in which no one turns to his relatives or his companions, everything is about fleeing and apologizing for the great horrors, and the change of circumstances, Ikrimah said: He meets his wife and says to her: You were this, which husband is yours? Yes, Baal, you were and praised well for her: I ask you today one good deed that you will give to me, perhaps, which is easier, so you say to him: What is the easiest thing you asked for, that I give you something that I depend on for this that you fear, and that a man will meet and cling to him and say: O son, what father were you is yours? So he praises him well and says to him: My son, my son, I need you to know what I have heard of your good deeds.

He called for fear of God and return to Him and the necessity of obedience to Him, reminding those whose days are lost in idleness and ignorance, and whose burdens and sins are many in his newspaper, that the place of sorrow tomorrow is in the grave his place, unless he be merciful to him, the most merciful. Seize it among the passengers of the descending, and do not fall into the ropes of the fallen, and seek refuge in God from the tones of the two shores, and take refuge in the back to hold fast to God and resort to Him is the pillar in guidance, and the tool is in the distance of seduction

Al-Badir urged to take advantage of the virtues of the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah, and to take advantage of their bounties and their blessed times, by saying: “The ten marks of the flower, the abode of scents and the habitat of blessings, the best days of the year, and the ten glorified days presented in the magazine, which God swears by for their grace over the summer of days, will be upon you.” And the ten nights,” which are the first ten days of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, and the superiority of righteous deeds in them has been proven over those in them, in the great and venerable hadith on the authority of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them, on the authority of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, who said: “There is no one who has the days of righteousness in them dearer to God.” From him in these ten days they said: Not even jihad in the way of God, except for a man who went out with himself and his money, and did not return with anything that was narrated by Al-Bukhari.

And seize it in its time, seize it in its time, seize it in its time, seize it in good deeds, cheer, and hurry in good deeds. Those who are interested in it are not sluggish about it.

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