The European Nations Cup behind the increase in Corona cases

01 July 2021 – 21 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
03:25 pm

I warned of a new wave of the pandemic if football fans abandon caution

Global Health: The European Nations Cup is behind the increase in Corona cases

Today, Thursday, the World Health Organization announced injuries and crowding in football stadiums for the European Nations Cup “Europe 2020”, as well as in bars in the cities hosting the tournament, as the main reason behind the current cases of Covid-19 disease in Europe.

Organized organization, retreat, review, lasted ten weeks, indicating the start of a wave of regulation wave.

Aircraft belonging to shareholders last week, hosted by airlines.

said Catherine Smallwood, chief emergency officer for the Middle East.

Roaming: “I emigrated to study how people go there, do they travel in big, crowded buses?

And she added: These small hairs that can spread in the spread of the virus.

The increase in new cases of Covid-19 in light of the spread of the strain and the Delta that is most contagious throughout Europe.

The infections have raised fears that a third wave of the pandemic may occur in Europe in the fall, once people are vaccinated.

“What we’re seeing now is what happened before,” Smallwood said.

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