The date of the 7th Vienna tour is ambiguous.. America is considering alternatives to dealing with “Nuclear E”

Jul 09, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 29 1442
07:41 PM

Warning of the difficulty of reviving the “2015 agreement” gained more knowledge

The date of the 7th Vienna tour is ambiguous.. America is considering alternatives to dealing with the “Iran nuclear”

This indicates that its starting point, indicates that, doubt seems to indicate a return to agreement. nuclear.

26, 26, 26, 26 economy, economic talks with alternatives; Especially after hopes of a quick return to revive the agreement from which former President Donald Trump withdrew, and the stalemate worsened; Because of this coil, it can indicate that it can turn into an economic coil

dangerous game

Goodbye, linked to the proliferation of weapons, and helped her to obtain more knowledge, “the European Union, the nuclear agreement, signed in 2015 has become the development of nuclear weapons,” considering that the data has become more complex, which made the game now dangerous.

“Iran is endangering Vienna through nuclear activities that it cannot look at again,” the article explained.

access “main”

The election of a major carrier in June complicated matters; While the unified flights begin to rejoin the nuclear agreement, and a set of issues related to the expansion of restrictions on Iran and support for militias in a number of Arab countries were signed, “Raisi” confirmed that this is outside the search!

Building on those developments, Ray Takee, a senior fellow at the Congressional Council on Foreign Relations, told Building Relationships, “Iran’s engineering pretty nice Iran’s nuclear program to square one, he doesn’t have an accurate understanding of what’s going on at the same time.

That trade has gone to those businesses.


These applications are used to implement the provisions of the termination agreement.

Another idea was also floated, to reduce its centrifuges.

Which makes it a perfect marriage, which makes it work for everyone.

Regarding the frequencies, please contact the seventh contest.

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