Shaqra University organizes a panel discussion entitled “Corona Vaccine: Facts and Information”

01 July 2021 – 21 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
12:51 PM

The faculty and students of the university targeted as part of the “Initiate and fortify” activities.

Shaqra University organizes a panel discussion entitled “Corona Vaccine: Facts and Information”

Shaqra University organized a dialogue entitled “Corona Vaccine .. Facts and Information”, targeting faculty members, the body, and students of the university, through the means of visual communication, as part of the activities of the “Initiate and Immunize the University” campaign, which works to urge all of those gathered to take an initiative starting with the Corona vaccine.

A number of faculty members at the College of Medicine and the University participated in the session, where Khalid bin Ali Al-Ghamdi, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and the University, released the false information that some circulated at the beginning of the campaign to prevent the advertising campaigns from taking the vaccine.

And he approved it, Dr. Saad confirmed, confirmed, confirmed, authenticity, studies and papers, papers, papers, papers, papers, studies, taking, taking a place, and taking a place in the vaccine. Length.

And internship doctor Sayyaf Al-Muwaihi, internist at the university, answered the audience’s question: Is one dose sufficient for the elderly? Taking the commission and the second dose from the risk of infection, stressing that the vaccine does not replace not wearing a mask, but the vaccine protects against a higher rate of exposure.

Instead, Abdul Rahman Al-Hadlaq explained, and based on this, it was found that some studies have proven that there is a chance to restore the vaccine, and accordingly.

At the end of the session, the specialists directed the dialogue session to advise taking a picture and an occasion to take the vaccine, as well as spreading the infection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which strived for all vaccinations in all cases of health and was keen to deliver it to all members of society, stressing that there is no excuse for taking the vaccine. And the Egyptian negligence after taking this step.

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