Saudi Sports for All Federation

July 06, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 26, 1442
03:41 PM

In the Middle East

Saudi Sports for All Federation

A reception on the occasion of his returns at the 2010 Transform Awards, where this announcement comes through education in the region and the region’s distinguished and distinguished.

To reflect the strength of the identity of the Union, which it succeeded in attracting to participate in the campaigns and participation of the Union, the society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle and embed that in the culture. The Saudi Sports for All Federation launched its new logo and accompanying identity in February of last year.

The coronation ceremony was organized in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The organizers of the “Transform Awards” announced that the Saudi Sports for All Federation and its partner Landor & Fitch Agency won three silver awards in the following categories: “Best Visual Identity from the Lifestyle and Health Sector”, “Best Visual Identity from the Public Sector” and “Best Project Development The corresponding score in the final score in the evaluation or evaluation in the adjacent score or value, in addition, the corresponding score in the final score of the competition.

On his part, Osama Saleh Al-Nuwaiser, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Saudi Federation for Sports for All “with Quality Transform” Middle East Africa 2021, and this is a standard for photography and creativity, and said: “This achievement reflects the strength and impact of the goals of the Saudi Sports for All Federation and its ability to all types of society and their motivation to engage in sports activities.

Achieving sport and quality goals in sport in front of all running opportunities.

The Sports for All Federation has previously launched a number of games and rights, the most recent of which is the (Start Now) campaign, which called on all society of all ages to participate in sports and physical activities. Recently, the federation launched the National Cricket Championship and the “Ehsan Riyadi Challenge” to practice sports.

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