Pirates attack Iran’s trains and cause chaos at railway stations

Jul 09, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 29 1442
09:28 PM

They left a notice on the electronic boards asking travelers for a “Khamenei” number.

Hackers attack Iran’s trains, causing chaos at train stations

Email services in Iran were disrupted today, Friday, Iranian Iranian planes.

In detail, local media reported that hackers published the phone number of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as a contact number for information.

For its part, the state-run IRIB radio reported that the trains were delayed, or canceled; Because seat offices and the railway website and freight services were disrupted, “unprecedented chaos at train stations across the country”.

The semi-official Iranian news agency said that a request for answers called the answer number on his private message.

We were forced to have a delay in the prey, because of the prey, because of the roots, according to “Al Arabiya Net”.

He discussed the ceremony with his back behind his back in Jerusalem, and he discussed them, their animals, and their steps.

Emails of email attacks started.

We have confirmed that our communication with their friends in social networks, social networks, also originated in projects related to each other.

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Targeting the country and threatening society
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