Mahmoud Jaber and Muhammad Massad.. Emphasis on “tactics and discipline” to reach the limits

01 July 2021 – 21 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
09:58 PM

The coaches of Algeria and Tunisia .. an agreement on “congratulations” and “the strength of competition”

Mahmoud Jaber and Mohamed Massad .. Emphasis on “tactics and discipline” to reach the Arab final

Amidst a high sporting spirit, the coaches of the qualified teams for the semi-finals of the Arab Cup for U-20 teams, organized by the Arab Football Association, spoke about the brand.

The Egyptian national team will meet its Saudi counterpart at five in the evening after Saturday (Cairo) at the Cairo International Stadium, then Algeria and Tunisia will meet at the same stadium at eight in the evening, as part of the semi-final matches of the tournament.

Initially, Mahmoud Jaber described the Egyptian national team, the current seventh edition of the Arab Championship, as strong, “in light of the distinguished level at which previous copyrights appeared, whether they qualified for the semi-finals or those who were not successful in qualifying.”

Mahmoud Jaber explained that the meeting of his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, his country’s team, confirms Ahmed Nader El-Sayed, Egypt national team, that all his colleagues are implementing the instructions of the technical staff inside the green rectangle.

On the other hand, Muhammad Massad, assistant coach in the technical staff of the Saudi national team, confirmed that his country is determined to win the championship, explaining that “all the teams qualified for the semi-finals have the same incentive,” hoping that “the match between Egypt and Saudi Arabia befits the two teams,” praising “discipline and commitment The technical player for the players, who was an influential factor in the Senegal national team and booked the qualification to the semi-finals.

“All the qualified teams will play in order to reach the final, and we will work to provide outstanding performance to contribute, after God’s grace, to achieving qualification for the Arab final,” while Bilal Al-Dawa, Saudi goalkeeper, said that his colleagues “will play the next match with high spirits, and we will do everything we can to do We have every effort to win this important match.”

The championship is considered as one team, one people, and only in colors,” explaining “the competition is strong on the field and we will play with all discipline,” adding: “Tunisia won, we will say congratulations, Algeria won. We will say congratulations twice,” while Yassine Titraoui, the Algerian national team player, said, “Our team He has a great role in communicating with him.”

As for the coach of the Tunisian national team, Youssef Al-Zawawi, he explained “the current tournament for young players to increase friction and improve the technical and physical return,” thanking the Football Association “for this tournament and the choices for the participating teams.”

Algeria national team: “Algeria met the Algerian national team, the national team in the tournament, with many gains in the qualification level for the players,” hoping that your country’s team will reconcile in the semi-final juncture. “.

While Mohamed Aziz Obeid confirmed to the Tunisian national team, his team achieved four consecutive victories, which made him in this role, “but we, the Egyptians, are strong in achieving more victories.”

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