King Abdulaziz Library and Omani Libraries..a knowledge partnership and a gateway

10 July 2021 – 30 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
03:28 PM

Joint cooperation to preserve intellectual, cultural, and cultural production

“King Abdulaziz Library” and Omani libraries…a knowledge partnership and a common portal

The efforts of the King Abdulaziz Public Library and its partnerships, educational institutions, and educational, cultural and knowledge institutions in the sisterly Sultanate of Oman, are among the main pillars that have contributed to strengthening joint cooperation to preserve intellectual production, and one of the most important tools of cooperation, cultural and civilized communication between ancient and important institutions in society, united by common denominators that represent a symbol A previous date that was with you, an earlier date.

The fruits of joint action:
And based on the law of libraries in the Sultanate, and the establishment of direct and indirect training courses for a number of workers in the workers working in the torchlights working at work and the rehabilitation of workers in the knowledge sectors and Omani libraries, and attending presentations in the knowledge sector and Omani libraries to Riyadh United Arab Index Organization.

portal in which:
Among the aspects of cultural cooperation as well: the inauguration of the unified Omani libraries portal in the King Abdulaziz Public Library, and he taught a link of communication between the components of Arab culture, and drew attention to the symbols for their assembly, the Arab world.

And the Omani Libraries Portal Network, which includes 36 Omani libraries, a support for the cultural and academic educational movement in the Sultanate of Oman, and a window through which the world overlooks the Omani thought. determination of the locations of information repositories; Which makes him search on knowledge sites looking for possible facilities and holdings to facilitate the facilitation of new services; Such as interlibrary lending, acquisition together, familiarization with standards, techniques and standards, as well as getting to know other Arab libraries.

Introduction to intellectual production:
King Abdulaziz Public Library, and to preserve the continuity of construction and civilization, production, and intellectual production, and to preserve the continuity of construction and civilization to come.

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