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Intent to travel in a dream, Travel to countries abroad, especially foreign foreigners that you want to achieve.

And for this, we will explain to you the different interpretations that contain the vision of traveling abroad, such as Turkey and America, and we will also explain the vision of the intention to travel in a dream clearly and explained, the regions with us in this article.

Seeing the intention to travel in a dream

  • A person who sees in his dream that it is permissible to travel in a dream.
    • current currency.
    • After a period of time since the birth of the first child.
  • Likewise, the pregnant woman who sees in her home that she complicates the intention of traveling in a dream.
    • laptop.
    • She wants to have a male child so that he will be a support for her when she grows up.
  • Whoever sees in a dream that he is beautiful in a dream.
    • It is evidence that the dream owner wants to work in a job.
    • A higher salary improves his financial level.

Seeing an interpretation of traveling in a dream

  • Whoever sees in a dream that he is preparing to travel.
    • He is trying to achieve goals.
    • Which he desires to achieve, God willing.
  • See prepare for the desire to obtain a driver’s license.
    • So that he can carry out the awakening of his soul, which is lost in the responsibilities and problems of life.
  • A married woman who sees herself in a dream is preparing for travel.
    • It is evidence that she is living a new life, and her life will change for the better.
    • But this matter is determined according to the extent of her vision and awareness of life matters.
  • The vision of vision in general is a good vision.
    • Which heralds that everything that is good will happen in the life of the owner of the dream, God willing.

Seeing obstruction to travel in a dream

  • The vision in which travel is greatly obstructed in the dream after the plane is booked.
    • It expresses the presence of a number of enemies who want to destroy the dreamer’s life.
    • And keep him away from his wife, or be the reason to make the owner of the dream.
    • He loses the job you work for, and God knows best.
  • Signs of obstruction to travel in a dream may indicate a poor psychological state.
    • or exposure to some internet
    • These things pass quickly and the dream owner will get better.
  • In the event of a vision, overcoming and eliminating travel obstacles.
    • It is evidence of the dream owner’s life that enjoys stability and happiness.

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A passport in a dream for a married woman

  • The married woman who sees in a dream the passport.
    • is that she will live in a safe state.
  • She crossed the passport to the married woman that she would travel with her husband for work.
    • And that the material level in which you will live will be high.

Interpretation of a dream about traveling to a foreign country

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  • Whoever sees in his dream that he is traveling to foreign countries.
  • A wife who sees these visions is evidence that she is comfortable.
    • Great place, amidst people and God knows best.
  • Whoever sees in her dream that she is traveling to a foreign country.
    • It is proof that she wants to travel with her husband and children effectively to that country.
    • And to improve their economic condition.

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Interpretation of a dream about someone traveling close to you

  • Expresses a vision in which a person is traveling nearby.
    • The extent of the love that the owner of the dream has for this person, and God knows best.
  • It expresses a vision of a person traveling who leads you to see the dreamer that this person is traveling and leaving him.
  • This vision indicates his unwillingness to differentiate between him and this person.

Interpretation of a dream about traveling to America

  • A young man who sees in a dream that he is traveling to America.
    • It is evidence that he will marry soon.
    • The wife will belong to a well-off family, yacht a great position in society.
  • Seeing a person traveling to America is an expression that he will be able to achieve many of his goals.
  • The vision of traveling to America is the contradiction between his beliefs and Western customs.
    • Which he records, and forget him to the modern style.
  • This vision may express the desire of the young man.
    • To travel to America so that he can achieve success in his life, and God knows best.

Interpretation of a dream about traveling to France

  • Whoever saw in his betrayal that he is heading to travel to France.
    • Expression that he entered into romantic relationships in the period from 2004 to 2004.
  • Traveling to France may signify a sense of freedom and a desire to learn about the lives of others.
  • There is another interpretation whose date and smell is the confusion between both the passion full of love as well as the thought that loves constant renewal.

See travel to Alexandria

  • He sees that he sees in a dream traveling to Alexandria.
    • It becomes like he wants you to want him to use it.
    • So reclaim space again and God knows best.
  • See travel to Alexandria.
    • They may be expressions of a person’s ability to get rid of all matters that disturb dealing with circumstances and moods, and to stay away from pressures and responsibilities of all kinds.

See travel to Turkey

  • A person who sees in a dream that he is traveling to Turkey.
    • It is evidence that he wants to renew his life and get rid of the routine in which he lives, and God knows best.
  • Seeing the vision of traveling to Turkey to the monuments and the happy life in which the owner of the dream lives.
  • Imagine seeing the owner of the dream traveling to Turkey, and God knows best.
  • The woman heading to Turkey.
    • This indicates a long-term reality, with the benefit of the program
  • You may want to have a vision of goals to have the chance to see their goals some day.
  • It could be the consolation of a particular vision.
    • And stay away from all the burdensome home responsibilities to be a simple time and God knows best.

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We can come to the end of our article in which we talked about the interpretation of the intention to travel in a dream as well as the preparation for travel.

In addition, we have presented a large number of interpretations that see the vision of travel to Turkey, Europe and foreign countries that are present in the ocean vision, we wish from God Almighty to those who have success in life.

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