I fulfilled my childhood dream of representing BELL

July 03, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 23 1442
05:03 PM

Coalitions in law .. decided to create passion within them in the field of aviation

In the video .. “Shatha”, a year after her flight: I achieved my childhood dream of representing my country as a flight attendant

with a smile and a welcome; The flight attendant receives “flights of intense flights to come out with a comprehensive experience of outgoing intensive flights with a comprehensive experience of airline flights.

And “Shatha” revealed to the MBC program in a week that flying among the clouds was a dream that she had since childhood today, after she seized the opportunity that she had and became a flight attendant.

She said: Since my childhood, I have dreamed of representing my country and working as a flight attendant on Saudi Airlines flights.

For a period of my studies in the field of law, however, my love and passion for aviation prompted me to work as a flight attendant due to my frequent travel, and I was watching the flight attendants how they dressed and catered for passengers.

And she added: My dream was to be one of them, and the first time I had the opportunity, I had been working for a year.

and from a height of 30,000 feet; Shatha contemplates her travels, her future and her dreams becoming a reality that she lives among the clouds.

On the way to prepare the navigators, Iyad Jamil, the chief trainer in the Air Service, said: We rely on training on three axes, the general appearance, information and news, in addition to strong training programs that cultivate in the navigator, the profession and the profession from its shortcomings and transforming it into a came.

It is noteworthy that tourism is supported by the value of tourism after tourism is tourism in the tourism sector.

As it works within its human capital development strategy, which is working to make it succeed in implementing a job by the end of 2030 AD, it invited those wishing to the electronic portal.

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