“Human Resources” does justice to an employee of an organization who has been unfairly dismissed, and the reason is: Celebrate

10 July 2021 – 30 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
10:01 PM

Al-Rouqi thanked the concerned authorities after his fairness

“Human Resources” does justice to an employee of an organization who has been arbitrarily dismissed, and the reason is: Celebrate your comfort!

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development did justice to a Saudi employee who was dismissed earlier from the owner of one of the institutions in which she works because of his enjoyment of the extended National Day “Monday” on Muharram 14, 1440 AH. An amount against the value of the leave allowance from 1-6-1439 AH until 14-1-1440 AH.

The case lasted since the issuance of the dismissal and the claim from the employee until the issuance of the judgment and his acquisition of finality and the receipt of his rights and redress; Approximately a year and nine months, and dismissed it because the employee “Fahd bin Salah Al-Rouqi” submitted: He submitted a complaint to the Labor Office in Taif on 14/1/1440 AH, and three sessions were issued, during which the plaintiff attended only one session, then the case was transferred to him To the labor court in Taif, and only one session was held.”

And he added: “The case was returned to the Labor Office in Taif, to be able to transfer it to the Primary Commission for the Settlement of Labor Disputes in Jeddah on 3/1/1441 AH. The verdict was appealed, then two sessions were issued in the Supreme Commission for Labor Disputes in Jeddah, until the final and final implementation on 7/1/1441 AH, then it was transferred to the Jeddah Execution Court on 4/11/1441 AH, and thank God I was redressed and the court sent my rights on my bank account “.

Al-Ruqi’s education expressed his thanks to the Ministry of Education and Social Development, after he was given justice for what he suffered, and for winning the case that opened his right

The previous reference, the previous reference, the case of the case When a request, an employee and a subject were issued, a case appeared to him represented in the “friendly settlement” in the presence of the “Private Institutions Corporation” because he enjoyed the extended National Day holiday “Monday” in the year 1440 AH.

At the time, the employee Fahd bin Salah al-Rouqi said: advance warning.

And he told “Previously”: “I have never been absent from my shift from within the institution affiliated with it, but I hope to work in the current season” Sunday in the year 1440 AH, a vacation by the owner of the institution via “WhatsApp”, me and the rest of the employees in our jobs. for the royal order to do so, and indeed it was done; What prompted me to ask about Monday, what prompted me to ask about Monday, on Monday, and to ask about a request to hand over what you have of custody, keys and belongings to the office without any dialogue with him, in compliance with what he requested and responding to.”

Al-Rouqi continued his speech: “After I left the office, I was surprised by a mobile text message received from the Insurance Office, which says: Dear subscriber, we inform you, good, you were prevented by (Institution………) on (24/24). 09) / 2018 AD) due to the “resignation”, stressing that he did not submit it at all, and that the owner of the establishment must prove it, and that the dismissal was due to the extended National Day holiday “Monday” and not because of the resignation, as the owner of the establishment claims, and that he has what proves his words true.

The aggrieved party had submitted a complaint against the owner of the establishment to the Labor Office in Taif, who issued a summons to the owner of the establishment on 4/11/1440 AH; Considering the lawsuit filed against him, until the case is concluded and a final judgment is issued regarding it.

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