Fleet, cadres, volunteers and reports.. “The Red Crescent” prepares for the Hajj season

Jul 09, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 29 1442
03:51 PM

Al-Owaisi: The organization that has put its energies and capabilities to serve the pilgrims in an ambulance

Fleet, cadres, volunteers and communications .. “Red Crescent” prepares for “season season”

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Reports, completed REST, REST, REST, REST, an ambulatory report of high quality.

The authority is participating in 549 doctors, medical specialists, ambulance and emergency technicians distributed in 144 ambulances, 22 motorcycles and ten electric golf bikes, in addition to two disaster vehicles and cars to serve the emergency and administrative work during this year’s Hajj mission.

More than 1,066 people are received in the deportation operations room in the alternative area for receptors and coats for work in receiving and deporting reports and following up the case before the medical teams until the arrival of the emergency teams, and their transfer to health care.

The authority supported the Hajj works with its volunteer team through the participation of more than 300 volunteers, 66% of the volunteers, and 34% of the female volunteers in various medical and health specialties. And participants in the pilgrimage table Corona list.

On the other hand, the head of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Dr. Jalal Al-Owais, confirmed that the authority put all its energies and capabilities to serve the guests of Allah for the Hajj season by providing the best emergency services for pilgrims and participants in the Hajj.

And to monitor all the pros and cons that took place during the Hajj seasons; To contribute to the exit search bookings.

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