معلومات عامه

Films that take place outside the planet, that are transported into space

There is a lot of movies Who ventured out and created a new idea with events that nobody is used to seeing, yes, ideas and events outside of our planet, usually these movies need big budgets so it is hard to find much of it every year, relying more on science and our bleak future like you’d expect from these movies.

The list only contains alien films and does not have to be set on another planet, and it does not contain any film series such as Alien and Star Wars, or that belong to a cinematic world such as Marvel.

Films that take place outside the planet


I don’t know what to say but this is one of the strangest movies I have seen in my life, corporate greed, corruption and a bleak future, an actor who can carry a film of this oddity is of course Sam Rockell, how well can your faith resist the lie? The last few months have made me feel how hard it is to live in a lie, so how would it be when your life was just a lie, your family, your child, that you hadn’t seen, your world, everything is a lie, even things that have no meaning.

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How far can humans persist in lying to themselves or to others, how crazy will humans be in the future?

I kept all the time the film I ask myself these questions during my viewing, I don’t know what happens next, and if there are any other lies going on, but I no longer rule out this possibility, I imagined a life completely different from what I and all human beings have been through, and I hope that this remains just naive heresies of my corrupt mind, and not come true.

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The Martian

When you watch the movie for the first time you will think it is like a Castaway movie starring Tom hanks By adding a touch The comedy But this time on another planet, on the planet Mars, which humanity has always dreamed of setting foot on a human foot, director Ridley Scott, after a series of failures, decided to change his style and used almost a lot of things that were in his previous films and won the admiration of people, the scenes that were happening. On Mars it was great and the visual environment was wonderful.

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Matt damon He played the role of an astronaut who overcomes his stressful loneliness and the difficult circumstances of his life on Mars with a good laugh, the script was good except for some lengthening in parts of NASA, the scientific explanation was also clear and uncomplicated, Matt Damon’s dialogue with the camera as documentation of his life on Mars was good, almost Matt Damon’s camera as well as Tom Hanks’ Wilson.

“I don’t mean to brag about you, but I am the greatest botanist on the planet” – Mark Whitney

2001: A space odyssey

A film whose director has created a revolution, the film is divided into a group of the early stages, the Neanderthal scene, and tries to show that the development of man has passed through the strange black stone, so that the film is moving into the future, and we find that it has found a moon-like black stone, sending signals somewhere on the surface of Jupiter, to decide to undertake a journey for Jupiter to reveal the secret of the existence of rational beings, the flight consisting of “Dave” and “Frank” the astronauts and three scientists in a state of artificial stability, in addition to the shell of the computer that operates the shuttle with super artificial intelligence.

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The work comes with the most amazing thing that began with the first philosophical scene, where we witness the coincidence of the human being and his future according to the outward theory of the mind of thinker Stanley Kubrick, which Regardless of the script and the clever dialogues in the film, I think the effects and the photography played a big part in making this work a masterpiece for many moviegoers today.

Usually we talk about the term ‘culture shock’, but Kubrick derived that term here and gave us what I can call film shock. This miracle film is considered to be a shock Kubrick faced us, especially in terms of photography and visual effects, which is difficult to convince an ordinary follower that he is from a film produced in 1968, Kubrick has chosen to be visual rather than dialogue, so that each viewer has their own description of this experience.

Kubrick said of the film, describing it as fundamentally independent of verbal dialogue, that it was a visual experience that accepts viewers’ interpretations and affects their subconscious and conscious, just like music and paintings.


A group of scientists on an international space station, searching for an answer to the big question of humanity, namely, is there life elsewhere than on our planet? The existence of life itself requires destruction, and this is how you created life Would you be willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others? You will redefine life and survival after watching it.

A fun and interesting movie with a fancy idea and a great soundtrack, wonderful sci-fi, great acting performance, at first you will think the movie is commercial because of the big names in it, but it’s is bigger than that, there are those who say about this movie it’s the first part of the movie “Phenom” “But that has never been confirmed. There are many space movies which are bigger and more beautiful than this, but they are often complicated.If you want to watch a movie for fun only and in space, I think this will be what you want.

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District 9

A film with amazing and cool effects, and a style-based narrative technique documentary films In a way, in the film you will find interviews with citizens, journalists, scientists and specialists, using real-world images, with cinematic storytelling based on movement, excitement and some dark situations, because the story of the film is about a spaceship containing more than a million refugees from a distant planet which lands in 1982. In an unknown city, this ship is confiscated and aliens are forced to living in a refugee camp, in miserable and harsh conditions where they are treated with racism and violence by humans.

In the end, I’m like any dreamer who wishes we would reach out to aliens and fight baddies, make peace with some, and get out of our planet to discover other planets, so I made this list to live. these moments.