Faisal University receives more than 61 thousand applications for registration in the bachelor system

08 July 2021 – 28 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
05:26 pm

A third of the applicants are above 90%.

Faisal University receives more than 61 thousand applications for registration in the bachelor and diploma system

On Wednesday, 12 noon, King Faisal University finished receiving applications for new students applying to the bachelor and diploma systems.

The Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab Al-Faridan, explained that the university’s admission portal witnessed intense competition from male and female applicants, by receiving more than “61,239” electronic applications successfully, and an electronic mail was drawn to attract a distinguished group of male and female students; As the number of students with a score of 100%, 600%, 600% and 70%, and a weighted percentage above 95%, 6549 male and female students, and a weighted percentage above 90%, 19,812, the university through its channels Full digital multi-technical support for each service requester; This enabled everyone to apply and be flexible.

Dr. Al-Faridan said: The university, according to the admission calendar, corresponding to 11-14/corresponding to 11-14/7/2021 CE; Where a text message will be sent to applicants and applicants with the specified date for each applicant, advertisers are getting better in the admission guide

Corresponding to 7/31/2021 AD, corresponding to 12/21/1442 AH, the results of the first batch of accepted students, confirming the review of the admission guide, the announced calendar, the participant’s application, the e-mail, the results of the thesis, as well as the announcements of the university’s website and its official account.

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