Coolness and moderation are its hallmarks.. The pulse of tourism in Asir: nature, culture, and time

July 06, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 26 1442
11:32 am

It has an ancient place and a long memory of association with the tourist.. within the summer of Saudi Arabia

Coldness and moderation are its hallmarks.. The pulse of tourism in Asir: nature, culture and history

Asir has always been at the forefront of tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia due to its high altitude; Which makes the cold, moderate weather in general, and its perfect and picturesque nature, with its smooth flow in all directions.

Good teacher, how kindness and spirit are common and prevalent there; Where all he aspires to from the Asir region is to present the cultural heritage to the tourist, the region and the region by enriching it with the magic of story and narration and the unique dialect of the people of the south.

Due to tourism, Asir hosts many museums that contain pieces of art that attract visitors to the hands of the people of the region, and cultural centers have opened displaying the works of regional craftsmen.

At a time when the Saudi Tourism Authority announced, through the “Spirit of Saudi Arabia” platform, the launch of the Saudi Summer Program 2021, the period from June 24 until the end of September, in 11 travel destinations, with more than 500 experiences from more than 250 partners from the private sector; The Asir region, an ancient place, and a long-standing memory of association with the tourist; And the scents of the Southern District dining hall, and the scents of modern coffee, vibrate on top of each other, hospitality and generosity, not just that.

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