Continuous movement to develop educational outcomes

Continuous movement to develop education

Ali Al Sharma – Riyadh

Education is the cornerstone of all the processes of change that nations and peoples seek. It is one of the main groups that carry out community building operations; Connected to each other, develop knowledge, basic knowledge.

The value of education lies in its role in its mere being developed in the mere qualification of young people to participate; It suffices that the first Quranic verse revealed rebuked the Almighty {Read in the name of your Lord who created} and his saying, peace and blessings be upon him, “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” One of the most important advantages of education is that it immunizes the perceptions of young people and young people, and immunizes them against destructive calls and misguided ideas. It opens their perceptions, enlightens their insights to distinguish between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, and gives them the ability to think and exercise reason.

Adding to the above, and contributing to the shareholder’s part, making it competitive, converting, and helping them to work.

At that time, there were teaching activities in various fields of work in which groups work in groups that work on the minds of children and youth, and seek to support them, through many ways, the most important of which is the infusion of their ideas into the curricula, and the inclusion of their cadres within the institutions since they were forced Its agenda is on its own, which is what some of those movements succeeded – unfortunately – in most Arab and Islamic countries during the last period.

The truth was confirmed by the Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman – may God protect him – during his famous television interview with the American network (CBS) News in 2018; He described the invasion of the educational system in the Kingdom by the Brotherhood’s ideology (a big problem), while vowing strongly.

This number of works comprised of the draft resolution; It entails thanks and appreciation; For their role in developing the education system, achieving the aspirations of the rational leadership, and making a qualitative shift to move forward in the 2030 vision that is based on the development of national human cadres, by strengthening the role of educational institutions and universities that will polish future generations, and produce creative and educational cadres.

Admirable media and education plans, curricula, curricula and education plans in line with the needs of the stage, and in line with the goals of the vision, with an interest in immunizing students from the evils of those terrorist groups, and helping them build prominent and moderate personalities in which they are proud of their country, history and civilization, and are proud of their leadership and symbols, and compete globally .

And because the processes of societal change – as we have mentioned – are of various types, and it is sufficient that they are entrusted, and in the face of the match, the future and our country, and they are people of numbers, are large, and their heads are large.

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