“Business Intelligence” working paper discusses solutions, applications, and tools for building business

July 08, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 28, 1442
11:43 PM

During the work of the Asir Forum for Entrepreneurship and Men’s Intelligence in the “Abha Chamber”

“Business Intelligence” working paper discusses solutions, applications and tools to build the future

During the Asir Forum for Entrepreneurship and Men’s Intelligence 2021, please, the engineer Al-Hamzani’s notes presented a “Business Intelligence” working paper, where the paper touched on business intelligence, its history and importance for the business sectors in the Kingdom, the stages of its application, the lost services and its future during the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

Al-Hamzani talked about the use of business intelligence in innovative business models, and non-new production that keeps pace with modern technology, the continuity of business profitability, adding: She also discussed the role of modern technologies within business intelligence mechanisms, especially for male and female entrepreneurs in line with modern transformations. Business One of the factors that lead to a significant development in the markets, which will affect the productivity in the field of business and economic productivity, is the production of a large amount of products that start their activity on an economic pattern of higher production.

Information that relates to knowledge about skills and tools that can be based from various positions within the company or the end user (end user) from collecting, storing and analyzing business data in the guidance of the company, where the emerging and large companies of the world good and new services; Based on a specific momentary decision, based on specific decisions,

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