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Blue and a journey between the folds of one of nature’s most vivid colors!

الأزرق ورحلة بين طيّات أحد ألمع ألوان الطبيعة!

Blue color, comrades, how distinctive it is, inspires calm and psychological peace, when a person sees it confirming the activity of life, it is a symbol of the clear sky at the time of spring, and it is an indication of the presence of water, in the presence of which the meaning of life is revealed. Even our planet Earth is actually called the blue planet.

Blue color - blue butterfly and insect

You will see blue almost everywhere, just look at the sky above you, or watch the turbulent sea waves shaking hands with the sky, both wearing the enchanting blue. Or open your fridge, you might find some type of sparkling fruit in a dazzling blue dress, or you might see it in a bird or animal when you look out the window for a bit. It is one of the most important and brilliant colors in nature, so you will not be surprised to see it around you almost everywhere. But behind this color a lot of stories and myths, let’s get to know them.

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History of the color blue

The human experience begins at an early age, when a person begins to explore the world around him, based on his senses, including sight and what he perceives from the colors and things that are happening. around him. When we look at ancient Greek texts, we conclude that colors were not important to the human experience in ancient times.

Blue color - a blue flower

For example, in The Odyssey, Homer makes hundreds of signs in black and white only, while the other colors are only red and yellow several times. Blue It never appeared or referred to as a term, but other descriptions were used for it, as it was called blue elements such as the sea, other terms such as: Dark wine.

With the development of the English language, blue acquired a term Blue Finally, but he only obtained this definition after having defined the other colors, the first of which were white and black, followed by red, then yellow, followed by green, and in the last seat the color is our etheric color.

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When did humans perceive blue?

Blue color - a blue flower

When you look at the color blue in nature, you will find that it is not very popular Straightforward, for example, people with blue eyes are not many, and blue flowers and animals are scarce, so naturally blue birds live in remote areas isolated from humans.

But what about the color of the sky? Well, let’s agree that any answer you will get to this question in our time will be: aBlue sky of course. And about the past where this color did not have a specific description, there are several theories, one of which states that humans at the time saw the sky in another color, or that it was colorless, because there was no blue term in their dictionary. Over time, humans began to notice the color blue in nature around them until its name was placed, then they started looking around and found it in the sky.

This theory is largely correct, as studies have been done on one of the ancient tribes that have no words that separate green from blue. The tribe members saw a set of squares, including 11 green and one blue. None of them could distinguish the blue square from the green. Perhaps because they lack an expressive vocabulary of color.

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When we contemplate the 20,000 year old cave paintings, we find them completely absent. Most scientists agree that humans first became aware of the color blue when they started making blue dyes about 6,000 years ago. Human civilizations also began to advance and extract minerals and gems, most notably lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone quarried in Afghanistan. It was especially valuable among the ancient Egyptians, due to its vivid color, and they used it with other materials such as calcium and limestone to make blue dyes. At this time, an Egyptian word appeared, meaning: blue.

The ancient Egyptians mastered the making of blue dyes and exported them to Persia, Romans, and others. These blue pigments were so expensive that they were characteristic of royalty, so blue was scarce for centuries.

Over time, the color has spread and carried several meanings that enhance self-confidence, innocence, calm and peace, and it has even been adopted as a uniform for the police in some countries to establish the self-confidence of the police. Today, the color has spread all over the world, gaining acceptance from various countries.

Blue color from a psychological angle

Color blue - navy blue

Some research has supported the idea that colors affect a person’s psychological state and control their feelings and mood. We find the color Blue Duller in daytime skies and gloomy than in deep bodies of water, people describe it as calming and relaxing to the nerves. It is the favorite color of most people – myself included – so it is excluded from signs that carry the meaning of threat, because it suggests peace, calm, security, order and stability.

  • Blue can also express feelings of sadness and pain, as Picasso expresses isolation and sadness in his painting: Blue period.
  • Usually we find blue in berries and some plums, but in general people avoid blue foods because they think they are poisonous.
  • Study says blue is work-boosting, so we’re finding that it’s used extensively in office decor.
  • Study Says Athletes Can Lift More Weight in the Gym Blue.
  • One of the statistics is that women are more likely to buy blue clothes than any other color.
  • It is recommended to eat on a blue plate during times of diet, as it is one of the colors that reduces appetite.
  • Blue is believed to be the favorite color of most men.

Blue is one of nature’s most vivid colors

Blue color - blue peacock

Colors appear naturally in two ways:

  • Use of pigment materials: It absorbs colors selectively.
  • Structural color: Where microscopic structures are used to control light reflection and color rendering.

Scientists created a computer model to find out why Brightness. Blue and green were found to be the brightest and brightest colors in nature as they are located within the structural color limits of the visible spectrum, giving them high brightness.

Some information about the color blue

Color blue - sea blue

  • In ancient Rome, it was a uniform for a field staff. The idea of ​​campaign workers was like the police today.
  • In India it is associated with sadness and bad luck, while in China it is associated with pain.
  • In factories, the color indicates which machines need to be repaired.
  • Mosquitoes are all attracted to colors at once, except for them: Twice.
  • About 8% of people have blue eyes.
  • Usually associated with air and sea mail.
  • Blue birds are rare, but they don’t see it.