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Blockage in emotional relationships, is it a sign of love or a sign of separation ?!

Blockage in emotional relationships, is it a sign of love or a sign of separation ?!

Is the block love and longing !? Is this seen as a way to arouse the feelings and jealousy of the other party, or does it increase the breakup and estrangement in the relationship and the reluctance to exacerbate and complicate things more than indicating the end of love, and in the event that the love that brings both ends together ends, is the block one of the most important things that must be taken after emotional detachment,

Follow with us in this following text in which we explain the answers to these questions about the blockage in emotional relationships and the blockage after separation, and the extent of its impact on continuing or ending the relationship.

What is the emotional block

Blocking, or what is known as electronic blocking through social media, is one of the easy procedures many use to express feelings of sadness, anger, and pain after an emotional breakup or sometimes before separation. as an expression of anger.

This is a feature called blocking that is supported by social media and apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp because this feature prevents the banned person from following the person who banned them, and prevents them from see his publications and photos and read his comments. on others.

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Blocking emotional relationships, is it love and desire ?!

In light of the media’s exaggerated interference with the privacy of its users, and it has become an integral part of their lives to be like eating, drinking, sleeping, working and all, and this is one effective and easy ways. increase communication, bridge distances and express feelings and ideas,

It has also become one of the free ways to express anger and pain, especially in emotional relationships, which has led some to use the function of blocking or electronic blocking towards the other partner to assure him. that all the love that was between them, the love stories and the emotional stories that were between them were already over, or on Close to that!

But that’s from the point of view, while there are others who believe that the blockage in these emotional relationships is one of the greatest indications of love and concern for the other party, and that whoever does it tries to solicit attention and reproach it. and ask the other party!

Therefore, is there really confusion that the block is a sign of love, or is it a sure sign of hatred and end of love? !!

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Is the block a sign of love ?!

But we still need a clear answer to our question: is blocking a sign of love or hate?

Where we can say that the answer to this question varies according to the personality of each individual, and depends more on the nature of the emotional relationship between them,

Through the following points, we will explain to you in detail whether the blockage is a sign of love or is it a proof of hatred and the end of the love story that brings them together:

  • A blockage doesn’t mean it’s all over

Some psychologists point out that the blocking function after emotional separation is one of the most important signs of intense love, because if the partner forbids or blocks the other partner, it is intended to arouse their interest and curiosity, and ignite. jealousy in his heart and get his attention, and be a warning to him so that he shows more interest in his lover, especially if he is among the indifferent people,

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In this case, the block is issued by people who cannot do without love, and it is just a moment for the anger to arouse jealousy and rekindle the love of the other partner.

  • Block means double

Sometimes specialists in psychology and human development find that the blockage of emotional relationships indicates the weakness of the personality of the party that banned her lover after his separation from social media,

This is because he is afraid of giving in to betrayal of feelings of longing for his lover again and loses control of it, which indicates the great love that unites them, so he believes that not following them. news of her lover and seeing his photos and messages will help him to forget.

  • Like first like and end of block

With the increase in technological development that the digital world has been able to achieve, the expression of love has become in its infancy by placing a mark of admiration “like” on Facebook to indicate love and happiness, with affectionate comments and sweet words expressing the state of love and passion the partner has fallen into,

In many cases, this love ends, causing intense pain and deep injury to its owner, which prompts them to express their sadness and anger by blocking or banning their partner from their personal accounts through social media, so love in our time has become its beginning as and its end is Block!

When is the bulk proof of the end of love?

Here, opinions differ that the blockage in emotional relationships is not a sign of love, but it is one of the biggest signs and signals that suggest the end of love and the denial of love. the lover to communicate with the other partner in different ways, and not to give. him a new opportunity to return to the relationship,

Therefore, if the beloved has banned or blocked the other partner through personal accounts in media networks and social networking applications, and even changed her personal number through WhatsApp and deleted it from Facebook and Instagram, c is a strong indication that this person is not. desire to relaunch this emotional relationship And the rejection of any means that again opens the door to reconciliation and communication.

Does the block beat the man?

There are many things and actions that a woman can do to provoke and overpower the man and provoke his anger after the emotional relationship that was between them has ended without using the blocking feature through social media, because he considers this behavior to be ridiculous and trivial from his point of view, so the block is invincible The man doesn’t tell him anything as much as he sees his ex-girlfriend’s photos, posts and comments through the pages media, especially if his sweetheart comes to a new emotional relationship and expresses this through his personal Facebook page, here I think this affair will greatly exhaust and overwhelm the man as he watches his ex-girlfriend in Silence and the sees happy without her presence in her life.

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By this, dear readers, we will tell you whether the blockage is a sign of love or is it one of the signs indicating the end of love, but in general and according to the opinions of the majority, the act of blocking or banning the loved one is one of the most ridiculous ways some personalities resort to, whether as proof of love and as a desire to attract the attention of the other party or to cut off communication and the end of love, because in the end it indicates a weakness of the personality and the inability to cope with problems, and even this electronic blockage can lead to an increase in the complexity of the problems and exacerbate the differences, and this does not is not considered a solution to the problem.

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