As part of its summer festival, the “Ensan Sons” Association is on a tourist trip to “Abha”

Jul 04, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 24 1442
10:51 AM

As part of its summer festival.. Insan Sons Association on a tourist trip to “Abha”

Sponsored by 25 children of the Charitable Society for Orphans Care in Riyadh “Ensan”, a tourist trip to the city of Abha, accompanied by a group of supervisors, will last for a week.

The trip is a series of interesting and enjoyable activities, where they will braid in the city of Abha to learn about the city’s landmarks, historical monuments, heritage villages and markets. Education Talents, the Generations Club, and the Knights of the South Club.

The children had fun times in Al-Sama`a and Al-Habla Parks, Al-Fan Street, and a message to Tuesday.. in addition to a number of government departments and charities, including a visit to an association for orphan care, and the trip will include a package of tourism, cultural and awareness competitions.

This trip comes within the Insan Summer Festival, which was launched by the association in order to fill the spare time of the children, and to benefit from the recreational and educational activities and programs organized by the association during the summer.

It includes many diverse activities, including tourism trips, where children learn about the cultural landmarks, archaeological and urban sites in the Kingdom, in addition to trips to perform Umrah, and organizing days, such as visits to recreational practice, shopping malls, family gatherings, and summer sessions, Coordination, centralization, educational district centers.

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