“Al-Salmy” praises Egypt’s organization of the Arab Youth Cup

July 06, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 26, 1442
11:30 pm

13 participating teams plus 3 invited countries

“Al-Salmy” praises Egypt’s organization of the Arab Youth Cup

Dr. Rajaa Allah Al-Salami, Secretary-General of the Football Association, praised the organization and hosting of the Arab Cup for U-20 youth teams, praising at the same time the efforts of the Egyptian Federation for the game during the days of the tournament.

The Secretary-General of the Arab Federation thanks Ahmed Mujahid, President of the Football Association, for the efforts made by the Egyptian Federation to overcome all the obstacles of the championship and make it appear at an honorable level.
The period from 20 June to 6 2021 with the participation of 13 teams in addition to 3 invited countries.

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