“Al-Rasheed” and “Al-Dosari” participate in the meeting of the Ministers of Undersecretaries of Finance and Governors

July 03, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 23 1442
05:18 pm

Discussing economic prospects and coordinating joint action towards achieving sustainable growth

“Al-Rasheed” and “Al-Dosari” participate in the meeting of the ministers of finance undersecretaries and central bank governors of the Group of Twenty

The Assistant Minister of Finance for Macro-Financial Policies and International Relations Abdulaziz bin Mutaib Al-Rasheed, and the Deputy Governor of the Saudi Central Bank for Research and International Affairs, Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Dosari, participated in the third meeting of the Undersecretaries of Finance, the Governor of Central Banks, the Supreme Values ​​Group, which was held, presented, and in the first year, in the presence of agents The financial tables and central banks of the G20 countries, representatives of the representatives of the invited countries and heads of international organizations.
Starting with a discussion of the global outlook, coordinating work towards robust, sustainable and inclusive growth.
The period from July 9 to 10, 2021, in preparation for the introductory value of the third finance ministers of finance ministers and governors of the Saudi Central Bank, Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al Mubarak.
It is noteworthy that the Kingdom is a member of the Troika of the Group of Twenty, along with consistency and continuity of the group’s agenda, and the Kingdom is keen to support the efforts of the group represented in economic growth, balanced, sustainable and comprehensive.

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