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After the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer and National Book, who is the American poet Louise Gluck?

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On Thursday 8 October 2020, the Swedish Academy announced its scholarships Nobel Prize In the field of literature, to the American poet Louise Glück, explaining her merit by saying: “For her incomparable poetic voice, and the cruel beauty that it confers on individual existence as universal. It’s the official news text, and now that we’ve pushed it aside we can look at its aspects and what’s behind it and work to watch it and offer our random thoughts on it. .

Nobel Prize winner and poet Louise Gluck

American poet Louise Glick wins the 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature.
American poet Louise Gluck wins the 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Nobel Prize is an annual wedding in various fields, and in literature in particular, it is a vast field of conjecture, opinions, nominations, discussions, preferences and comparisons. Poetry in particular is one of the very personal literary genres, Poets are generally advised to move it as much as possible from personal to global context, allowing the reader to be immersed and connected to their feelings.And this is something Louise Gluck has achieved with the testimony of all her readers, whether it is after the award that will trigger a long series of interest in women, their lives and their literature, or even before that. Although it’s hard to imagine her submerged outside the spot of light. Why?

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The reason is that the Nobel Prize is not exactly a surprise to a well-known poet, around whom great interest revolves around different circles, and she is a recipient of both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Prize, and she owns twelve collections of poems and writes numerous articles on poetry. Who will be installed on it. I remember that sometimes I reread what I write after gaining positive interaction from a reader or readers; The resulting new perspective makes duplicate reading fresh. So what about positive interaction as the most important literary award known to mankind? It will certainly be read due to media propaganda, but the most important thing is that it will be flipped, returned and then returned, and it will receive the scrutiny which is the right of distinctive multi-layered literature.

Those who read Louise Gluck know that she sits on the borderline between simplification and complexity and that she – like many greats – is so competent that she can divide her creativity into degrees that suit different readers and different. readings from the same reader. If you want you take the surface and are satisfied, and if you want you choose what is below and you work your mind, and if you want I dive deep until it touches his very heart. This division makes the task easier than many poets, whose poems seem to be puzzles written in an ancient and abandoned language.

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There is no doubt in my writing

From the collections of the poet, winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature
From the collections of the poet Louise Gluck, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Ok, let me organize my thoughts so that I don’t get overwhelmed by this torrent of information What I want to mention. How old is the lady who probably opened her day with the news of her peak of achievement? She is seventy-seven and was born in New York City in 1943. If you counted her as a news line, you wouldn’t have asked this question: How would a person her age feel if they got this? tremendous success? Of course – as we have said – his achievement of the aforementioned two major awards earned him other accolades including the National Medal for the Humanities (awarded to him by former US President Barack Obama), the award Bollingen and the King’s Award for American Poets, which means being the Poet Laureate of the United States (2003).

It reminds us of what the Canadian-American writer Saul Bellow said when he won the Nobel Prize: “The child in me is happy, but the adult man is suspicious”. How did Louise Gluck feel today? Looking at what has been quoted from her, it is known that she described the award with great honor, even though she announced that she liked some of her past recipients and did not like others. She also added that the feeling was so new to her that she hardly understood it.

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But we remember her article in an interview that took place in 2009, where she said, “When they tell me that my audience is large, I think to myself, like, ‘Oh my God, I’ll be like Henry Longfellow. [شاعر أمريكي] So: a writer who is easy to understand and love; A relaxing experience is available for everyone. I don’t want to be like Longfellow, excuse me, Henry, so I don’t want to. As far as I get high praise, I definitely think my handwriting is flawed! Thanks to this, we can partially understand how she feels today in the face of this extraordinary form of praise.

You write and write about it

Nobel poet Louise Gluck with former US President Barack Obama
Nobel poet Louise Gluck with former US President Barack Obama.

One of the hallmarks of Louise Gluck’s greatness of poetry is that although it is filled with emotional constraints, there is no fear of cruelty and intensity, but rather that it confronts its demons and demons of the people forcefully and directly, and does not do so with a therapeutic method of surrender as one would expect, but rather with quick strikes that are closer to fatal stab wounds.

Despite the relative ease we expressed a short time ago, reaching its low is a distant demand, and it may even be impossible. In her poetry there is a space for contemplation after contemplation, and a test of subjective and universal feelings that do not know where she acquired her softness and ability to move.

What’s interesting is that she writes poetry and talks about it, as if her articles are a vague explanation of what she writes herself and a clear explanation of her view on poetry and poets. This parallel existence provided his two separate selves (the writer and the reviewer or the final product and the backstage) with a captivating field of vision encompassing and encompassing the reader. As for its ingenuity, docility and good formulation of the idea and then of its expression, things subject it to ramifications as it divides into soil and water, through readings followed by readings that reveal astonishing mysteries each of them. Then her many poetic voices and her thinking from angles that ultimately led to this description she received from the Nobel Committee, and we started with the article: International.

What are you talking about

An old photo of the poet Louise Gluck
An old photo of the poet Louise Gluck, winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Is our Nobel Prize winning poet writing about anything specific? Of course, she sees in her poetry a clear emphasis on the tragedy of life and what it means to be human. She also seems remarkably busy writing about childhood. If we look at her personal past, we see that she suffered from anorexia nervosa as a teenager and sought rehabilitation to cure her, an experience that affected her training when she achieved two things: first, his imminent death and the second his intense desire for him. This moving experience, however, does not appear in her poetry in direct terms, and she does not discuss it in detail outside the scope of poetry, but tracing it between the lines is not difficult. This is a question in which it is intrusive, but it is acceptable because the poet – and the writer in general – is willingly exposed and seeks interpretation.

Likewise, Glock enjoys talking about Greek and Roman myths and their tragedies, and expresses them in a way that the reader knows for sure he is the vouch for a unique perspective, and that is one of the things. that the Academy – or award committee chairman Anders Olsson – chose for mention and praise, expressing its treatment of myths as straightforward and categorical. Then, cute, lively, a bitter undertone. The committee did not forget to compare her to the great American poet Emily Dickinson.

The most famous collection is Louise Gluck

The most important books of the American poet
The most important books of the American poet Louise Gluck, who won the 2020 Nobel Prize.

Louise Gluck’s most famous collection is Wild Iris Published in 1992, at sixty-three pages, it’s a masterpiece you see on the list of many favorite poetry books. It was followed by Averno in 2006 with nearly eighty pages. As for his first book, it is called Firstborn, and it came out to this world in 1968, recounting the rich journey immortalized by the Nobel Academy today. Not to mention, of course, his best work, Faithful and Virtuous Night, which won the US National Book Award in 2014.

We conclude by saying that Louise Gluck is the 16th in the ranking of women laureates of the Nobel Prize for literature since its inception in 1901, and the fourth in the ranking of its laureates in the category since 2010. She is the first American to win the prize since. that Bob Dylan won it in 2016, and was the last winner before him. Novelist Tony Morrison was honored in 1993. If you are wondering what the author intends to do with the money attached to the prize (which is around $ 1.1 million), she said ‘she was considering buying a house in Vermont.