About the Sonnet .. Tec gives Kia Al Jabr an induction advantage

July 08, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 28, 1442
02:44 PM

It comes within the result to reach its customers in various platforms

About the Sonnet: Tik Tok Kia Al-Jabr gives you an advantage in tariffs

In a move that reflects the keenness of Al-Jabr Trading Company, the dealership of Kia Motors cars, to communicate through all possible means, directly or through multiple media platforms; A new brand, a new brand, a new brand, for its recently launched campaign, a new brand for the new Kia Motors Company “Sonet”, which included a group of people filming and showing videos on the “Tik Tok” platform that the person dragged by explaining the features that It appears in the car, a place whose affection is a major focus of the idea of ​​​​the work and the exception of its portrayal.

You can connect with the social network that is the latest spread and influence in our time and interact with the rapid development that is witnessing continuously, continuously, to produce certain products, I want to get our offers, please click on, view products and view new products and the appearance of products that have appeared in a general atmosphere production in general, and keep in mind the way the message is presented with the products, their copy, and their receiving audience.”

Baghdadi praised the wonderful echoes of the Kia Sonnet in the Saudi market after its launch, as the Sonnet is the latest addition to the family of Kia’s multi-award winning sports utility vehicles. Known as Kia’s “tiger nose”, the brand name “tiger nose”, operating renaissance lights, with a heart-shaped design, and a stylish anti-slip plate at the bottom.

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