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9 fun games we can play at home

9 fun games we can play at home

We are often looking for ideas for games at home that we can play, and enjoy in our free time, and our gatherings together, here are some ideas for sex games.

Sweet games we can play at home

In the following paragraphs we discuss a variety of games, which we recommend for you to entertain during the leisure periods at home, which you can take advantage of to have the most beautiful moments.

1- Musical chairs

This game depends on setting up a specific number of chairs, and one chair is less than the number of participants in the game,

Then the chairs used are arranged in a circular manner, the participants in the game turn around the chairs, while playing their favorite music,

Then the music suddenly stops, and when it’s off, everyone should sit in a chair.

This leaves a chairless person, who is the loser in that role, exits the game, with a chair removed with him, and the game continues in the same way.

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2- Complete the drawing

It is considered one of the most enjoyable games, in which players each draw in their own paper any shape acceptable to taste, such as an animal, a donkey, or something similar, incomplete, such as missing the tail, the ear, etc;

Therefore, the drawn leaves are switched; In order for each player to take a card other than the one drawn by them, and for each to recognize the decree, complete the least, and close their eyes, the person controlling the draw wins the most.

3- Water dishes

Among the games in the house that we can play, suitable for the yard of the house, the participants in the game are divided into two teams of equal number.

Each individual holds a small bucket, two lines of equal length are provided, for each line team, two plates filled with water are placed, one plate at the start of each line, and at the end of each line an empty plate.

The idea of ​​the game is that the whistle starts and each team begins to fill the empty water dish from the filled plate, the team that fills their water dish first is the winner.

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4- Set of towels

This game depends on the presence of two teams, each team being made up of a certain number of people, preferably five or more, with a referee between the two teams, each team distributes the numbers between them, as if this individual were a number, the last two, and so on, without the referee knowing the player numbers.

The two teams line up one by one, each of the first team meets each other, the referee walks in the middle of the two teams and pronounces a certain number of numbers.

The referee runs, raising the handkerchief, and each person to whom the number applies to both teams must try to hold the handkerchief, without touching the other side, and both players come out, collecting winning points, and so on. continuation, until the end of the game.

5- Ball and spoon

A tablespoon is brought, along with a small scoop or piece of candy, to each of the two teams, two team members come out, each holding the spoon in their mouth, with the ball inside.

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Each of the two teams runs according to a specific starting point and finishing point. Each individual must accelerate to the end point before the other, without the ball falling, with their hands placed behind their backs, and the winning points being counted, until all participants in the game are exhausted.

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6- Paper, pen and letter

Another home game that we can play: the participants in the game join, and with each of them a blank sheet of paper, a ruler in the form of tables, a pen.

Everyone in the game participants selects a letter from the Arabic language, everyone must write: the name of a boy, a girl, an animal, a plant, an inanimate object, of an eater, of a country, with the same letter.

Each winner is assigned a score, and the fastest person to finish with words has two points, and the last winner of the match is the one with the highest score.

7- Who said?

The idea of ​​this distinctive game is for everyone to take a piece of paper and a pen. Each of the participants in the game should write anything on the paper, such as something that welcomed them, for example, hates him, a saying that they think about, etc. And guess who said.

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8- Hearing and obedience

Another home game we can play: each participant in the game fills out a request they want in their paper, then applies it, collects the cards together, and each player draws a piece of paper and executes what is in it at maximum speed. , provided that it says as soon as the request is read: Hear and obey, And this concerns the implementation immediately, the request can also be in the form of a question, or whatever the owner wants of each item .

9- Research and research

The person in charge of the game collects a bunch of things and shows them to the participants of the game, then, he hides those things in each location, and asks each team to collect specific things from what has been hidden, and sets a time to complete the task.

The winning team is the one who can collect what has been asked of them as quickly as possible.

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Throughout this topic we have discovered a variety of home games that we can play together, in the hope that you can enjoy your time as much.

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