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8 Very Hard Jigsaws With Solution – Test Your Genius!

8 Very Hard Jigsaws With Solution - Test Your Genius!

Charades difficult with its solution.. It is very important in our time that people spend most of their time on social networking sites playing and enjoying when they meet their family or friends and try to. Charades difficult Develop the capacities of their mind.

Charades are very difficult to resolve

We show you 8 tough hiccups of the toughest hysterics that you can test your wits with. Let’s get started.

  • 1- Charades of Einstein:

It is said that Einstein himself wrote this masquerade in the last century and challenged the world’s population to solve it. Statistics have proven that 98% Of those who tried to solve it couldn’t. Are you part of the 2% who can ..?

Chazra is as follows: –

1- There are five houses, each of which is a different color

2- In each house lives a person of different nationality from the others

3- Each of the five residents drinks a different drink from the others

إقرأ أيضا:تطورات قضية راجح

4- Each of the five residents smokes a different type of cigarette from the others

5- Each of the five residents has a unique pet

If you have the following data..

The owner of British citizenship lives in the red house

A Swedish person has a companion dog

The Dane likes to drink tea more than other drinks

The green house is to the left of the white house

The owner of the green house enjoys drinking coffee

The man who drinks cigarettes (Silver Pal) has a bird

The man who lives in the middle house prefers to drink milk

The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill cigarettes

The owner of Norwegian citizenship lives in the first house

Whoever smokes Marlboro cigarettes lives next to the one who owns the cat

The man with the horse lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill cigarettes

The smoker (Winfield) must drink beer (malt liquor)

The Norwegian lives next to the blue house

إقرأ أيضا:فيلم قضية ٢٣

German smokes Rothmans cigarettes

Marlboro smoker has neighbor who only likes drinking water

Now .. Can you clarify the color / nationality / animal / favorite drink / type of cigarettes for each of the five people while solving the mystery of which of them has fish as a pet ..?!!

knowing that, There is no trick in the puzzle or how to solve it, rather it is a natural and logical sequence that you can by inference to solve it!

Dissolution of the masquerade:

The houses are arranged from left to right as follows:

– The first (a Norwegian – his house is yellow – he has a cat – he prefers to drink water – he smokes Dunhill cigarettes)

– The second (a Dane – his house is blue – he has a horse – he prefers to drink tea – smokes Malboro cigarettes)

– The third (British – his house is red – he has a bird – he prefers to drink milk – smokes without money)

إقرأ أيضا:Attention-grabbing, buzzing brands – choose them now

The fourth (German – green house – he who has the fish – drinks coffee – smokes Rothmans cigarettes)

– The fifth (Swedish – his house is white – he has a dog – he drinks beer – he smokes Winfield)

  • 2- bike charade:

ride “Mohammed” And the”Aimen” And the”Omar“Bicycles to school. Each of them had a chain and a tie, a hook. ”MohammedHis bike with a streetlamp and a bicycleAimen“By locking it and binding it.”AimenHis bike with a lamppost and a bicycleOmar“By locking it, either”Omar“He attached his bicycle to the lamppost and to my bicycle.”Mohammed” And the “Aimen“By locking it.

Each bike is now locked with two locks … except for Ayman’s bike, which has become locked by all three locks.

At some point that day, “Muhammad” lost the key!

Now, with only the two keys remaining, how many bikes can they unlock …? And for whom …?

The dissolution of the masquerade:

Only one bike, Omar’s bike, can be taken out.

Indeed, after Ayman and Omar unlock their locks, Ayman and Muhammad’s bikes will remain linked to Muhammad’s lock, whose key is lost.

  • 3- The locked room charade:

“I’m going to change my will!”, The children reluctantly accepted their mother’s decision, as they had no choice but to accept … but of course, they weren’t happy with that .

“Tomorrow… tomorrow I will deprive you all, you will not receive a single penny of my fortune.”

With this firm decision, Mary left the dinner table and went up to her room to go to sleep.

No one was surprised to hear the sound of a rifle after two hours, but the only surprise was that this shot was a little late.

Detective Samir arrived at the scene immediately.

“Joe” responded to the interrogator’s question by saying, “I was in the basement, and as soon as I heard the gunshot, I went up the stairs to his room. My mother,” Mike, the third son, had a more detailed response: “I was in my room at the other end of the hall, and when I reached the door, I suggested that we look under the weight of the door. except after several attempts to open the door. The three children entered the room and found Mary sitting in her chair, her hand hanging over the forearm of the chair, and the gun resting on the edge of the chair, as if it had fallen from her hanging hand.

The three children heard a short breath behind them, so they turned to find their sister Rachel, who quickly came to testify. She said, “I was on the third floor. The bedroom door, Mike was looking through the peephole, but Joe and Sam pushed him back and they tried to push the door open. I stood watching, and when the door opened, I woke up to my surprise and walked into the room behind them.

With the story of the room locked from the inside, investigator Samir considered the case a suicide case, until he heard the will, then he reviewed the evidence and statements of the defendants. and arrested the accused.

Do you see who the killer is? How did he manage to lock the door from the inside?

Dissolution of the masquerade:

Rachel testified that Mike looked through the peephole, but Mike – according to his testimony – did not look through the peephole, but only made a suggestion, and he did not have time to implement it. before her brother starts pushing the door open. . So Rachel must have heard Mike say he wanted to look through the peephole, but she hadn’t really seen him do it. The only place Rachel Mike could have heard of is to be in the room.

Rachel killed her mother, staged the scene as suicide, then hid behind the door. When the brothers opened the door and entered the room, she walked out behind the door, panting, and stood behind them to look like she had just arrived.

  • 4- Very difficult study:

A murder took place in a house, so the informant came to find the killer and first noted the following:

– There are 6 rooms in the house: a kitchen, a bathroom, a hall and 3 bedrooms
– There were 6 people in the house at the time of the commission of the crime, in addition to the dead: Saeed, Salma, Sherif, Sabri, Asaad and Najwa
– Two of the people present are liars, not telling the truth in at least one sentence. But not all of them lie.
The body of the dead man is in the second room.
Any number of people can be present in the same room except the room in which the crime took place, and only one other than the deceased was present.
Only one of them committed the crime

The informant asked each of the suspects three questions and their answers were as follows.

Saeed said:
– The sheriff was in the lobby
Salma was in the first room
– I was in the kitchen

Salma said:
The sheriff was in the second room
Sabri was in the first room
-Assad was also in the first chamber

Sharif said:
– I was in the hall
– Saïd was in the kitchen
-Najwa was in the bathroom

Sabri said:
– Saïd was in the kitchen
– The sheriff was in the lobby
-Najwa was in the bathroom

Asaad said:
Sabri was in the first room
-I was in the bathroom
– Najwa was in the kitchen

Najwa said:
– Asaad was in the third bedroom
– The sheriff was in the lobby
– Said was in the kitchen

From their previous conversations, can you know the murderer …?!

The dissolution of the masquerade:

We conclude the following: Sheriff is in the hallway, Saeed is in the kitchen, Najwa is in the bathroom, Asad is in the third bedroom, Salma is in the first bedroom.

Sabri is the only one whom no coincidence knows anything about, and his whereabouts have only been reported to the two liars … he’s the killer.

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  • 5- The chaos of the lamp:

One of the three switches on the first floor turns on the lamp on the upper floor.

Your role is to find the switch that lights this lamp. How? ‘Or’ What?

Perceptible: You are not allowed to go upstairs except once to inspect the lamp, knowing that the lamp emits light and heat, and the lamp remains hot for some time after it is turned off.

The dissolution of the masquerade:

Turn the first switch and release it for several minutes in the on position.

Turn it off, then turn the second switch and go up quickly, so if the lamp is on, the second switch is the one that turned it on, but if the switch was dark and hot, then the first switch is the one that turned it on. turned on, and finally if it was dark and cold, the third switch is the one that turns it on.

  • 6- Hazura, the wise saying:

A man got lost in a forest, and his family was a gang, and then they took him to their leader, where he said to him: Now you are going to say your last words.

The man thought for a bit, then left, saying that he had made the gang leader leave him because of his great intelligence.

What did the kidnapped man say…?

Dissolution of the masquerade:

He said to him: “I will die a little in oil”.

  • 7- Carrefour Hazura:

A man who intends to go to a city (a(At a crossroads, there is a road that leads to a town)a(And a road leading to a town)B), He found there two men, one of whom is from the tribe of his people, who are always liars, and another from the tribe of his people is always honest. What is that question ?!

The dissolution of the masquerade:

The question (If I ask your friend – the other man – which of the two roads leads to Medina A, what will he answer me?) He takes a road other than the one he indicates.

  • 8- Escape from the train:

And now with the last tough conversations with us today …

Majed was walking on the tracks of the train when he heard the sound of the train coming towards him from a distance, but instead of running away from the tracks and the train, he ran towards the train ten yards away and then ran away from the tracks. themselves ..

What is the explanation and the enigma of his failure to escape directly from the bars ..?

Dissolution of the masquerade:

Because he was walking on the tracks, which are on top of a hill, and there is no side road to escape to, but there is an abyss!

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In conclusion, we have shared with you a group of Charades difficult Challenging the smart, we wish you a good time and hope you like it.

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