540 million dollars and a locomotive.. a happy ending to the “Ever Given” crisis and the Al-Su channel

01 July 2021 – 21 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
02:09 PM

After agreeing to a preliminary agreement

540 million dollars and a locomotive .. a happy ending to the “Ever Geffen” crisis and the Suez Canal

Finally, after weeks of a procedure; The spread of the giant “Ever Geffen” Suez Canal that ran aground in the canal and caused it to be disabled.

The Suez Canal Authority has agreed to a preliminary agreement with the company that owns the ship “Ever Geffen”, according to which it will receive huge financial compensation estimated at 540 million dollars. As well as a modern locomotive and some other perks; Or what was reported by Al-Arabiya TV, citing unnamed sources.

The Suez Canal initially demanded $900 million in compensation. In return, the Japanese company, Shui Keisen Kaisha, which owns it, and the ship’s insurance companies offered $150 million.

And the giant ship ran aground in the waterway of world trade.

The Documents Authority of the Documents Authority of the Documents Authority of the Documents Authority shall be of the Travel Authority, and shall ensure that it is not subject to any review and facilitates it.

The sources indicated that the compensation that has been reached, will be paid by the ship-owning company in partnership with the British insurance and insurance companies.

Attempts by insurance companies and the ship-owning company; To reduce the required amount to $500 million or less.

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And he was his actor, he was an actor, he was an actor about him, he was an actor about him.

During the match, it began an agreement in principle between the two parties, and the company did not disclose any details. Finance.

Its width is 400 m, its width is 59 m, and its payload is 225 thousand tons; Chartered by the Taiwanese company “Evergreen”, it ran aground and was sailing from China to Rotterdam.

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