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5 ways to overcome the challenges of distance learning

It cannot be denied that the world is pushing and moving towards distance education today. As soon as you surf the Internet, you will find various training offers and advertisements that will appeal to you in all areas. Indeed Choose the course that suits you best Now it takes serious study and reflection on your part. Faced with the constant need to develop your skills, to keep pace with the rapidly changing labor market and the abundance of these training courses, you find yourself joining some of them full of enthusiasm and desire to plan a better career. But unfortunately Only 10% of those who register for online training take them to the end. The 90% suffer from the accumulation of emails aimed at motivating them to take these courses, but this only increases their frustration. What are the difficulties of distance learning? How to get around it?

The difficulties of distance learning and their solutions:

1. False expectations

Many expect distance learning to be easier and won’t require the same effort as its traditional counterpart. Which was no further from the truth. Distance education courses are similar to traditional courses in content and requirements, including readings, homework, research, and activities. Indeed, exchanging information and questions and getting answers directly can reduce the academic load in traditional education. Waiting for answers in the case of distance education requires more effort and monitoring.

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The solution:

Learn by describing the course content and what it requires of you in terms of effort and time, and compare it with how much time you can spend on it and your ability to put in the required effort. Taking into account the time you will devote to it. Studying after a long day at work might not be that easy. A more suitable option may be the morning study before work and other commitments.

2. Flexibility

Yes resilience, and I didn’t add it badly and I realize that flexibility counts as a The most important benefits of distance learning. In fact, the ability to learn anytime and anywhere may be the reason why students prefer it over traditional learning. However, too much resilience can have a negative effect and lead you to inaction. What is wrong if you postpone the topics that need to be studied today until tomorrow or next week, until you finish them?

The solution:

Locate A timetable for the study And study its details carefully. What periods are most suitable for studying? Morning or noon? Set your own deadlines and don’t leave the door open for any assignment. Don’t let distractions like emails or point of sale social communication Your boycott. In such situations, it looks like The Pomodoro technique Most suitable, follow it until concentration becomes a regular issue that requires no effort on your part.

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3. Difficulty setting

Many students find it difficult to adjust to the atmosphere of distance education, and this is due to the lack of direct live interaction and the difference in the virtual classroom from what they are. were previously. This makes the experience completely different which may not appeal to some and does not allow them to adapt to the online learning environment.

The solution:

  • Try to compensate for the lack of live interaction with a hypothetical interaction. Join the forums for the course you are taking. Chat with your classmates and teachers. Join events and seminars whenever you can. Connect with your teacher online and ask questions.
  • Create a daily routine for studying. Start by creating a study space and decorate it with motivational phrases and inspirational pictures.

4. Technical and technical difficulties

Although the enthusiasm and desire to develop and improve careers is the motivation behind integrating into training courses, many of those who signed up for these courses for the purpose of distance learning do not take them. not until the end. The reason is due to the difficulties they encounter in the multimedia field. Either because of a lack of computer knowledge, or because of compatibility issues with operating systems, browsers or smartphones.

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The solution:

If the reason is poor computer literacy, you need to enroll in basic computer courses. Technological proficiency is a must for taking online training courses to be able to manage educational programs and assignments in an organized manner without difficulty.

If this is due to technical issues resulting from incompatibility, you should choose online courses that don’t require a lot of internal memory or a high-speed internet connection, and those that don’t need to download programs or print documents.

5. Boredom

After signing up for distance learning courses, many learners are left behind. The main reason for quitting smoking is boredom. Many courses are like e-readers because they contain endless text followed by a long list of multiple choice questions. Due to the lack of participation and motivation, the student gradually finds himself late in meeting the deadlines, leading to his withdrawal.

The solution:

The solution is twofold: choose the most appropriate course and stimulate yourself. As for the course, you should choose an interactive, dynamic and fun course. It relies on interactive and multimedia training for its video, narrative and simulation content. Certificates issued at the end of training can also help to increase the competitive character that helps the student to continue.

As for self-motivation, it is a prerequisite for distance learning. You need to constantly remind yourself why you took this course in the first place and what impact it will have on your career. Imagine the result and the end so you can continue your quest. Plus, having a study buddy who motivates and motivates you can play an important role in your success. Set small goals along the way, reward yourself every time you reach one, and don’t underestimate the psychological factor and its impact on success.

The future of online learning. Even though the idea of ​​distance learning is difficult for you today, but by following these tips it will become easier and the continuous development of skills will be part of your nature. There may be days when your productivity is low, so you don’t have to worry about catching it up the next day. If you have made a commitment to take a number of courses that are difficult for you all to take, choose the simplest and most important of them and start with them and take the rest later.