37 years ago, the Saudi anthem came out to the light.. an idea and stumbled, then a king ordered

02 July 2021 – 22 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1442
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His idea caught on during King Khaled’s visit to Egypt

37 years ago, the Saudi anthem came out to the light.. The idea and the stumbling of the story of the ownership of his story

37 years ago, and specifically on the first of July 1984 AD, corresponding to the 3rd corresponding to the 3rd year of 1404 AH, a lofty order was issued that eliminated the words of the Saudi national anthem, to bring out the sky, “Rush for glory and highness. Saudis since then.

So, the King Abdulaziz House, through its official account on “Twitter”, put the tweets on the anniversary of the birth of the national anthem through a tweet, “It happened on this day.” And in the following lines, we learn about the story of his birth.

visit and like
The late King Khalid bin Abdulaziz (may God have mercy on him) was on his visits to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, with the exception of the late Egyptian President Muhammad Anwar Al-Sadat, for whom the Egyptian national anthem was played, and the King admired him, and the idea of ​​the kingdom having an anthem like it caught in his head, so he only asked Then Minister of Information, Muhammad Abdo Al-Yamani: “Why is the royal peace not accompanied by a national anthem?”

In response to the king’s request, the media addressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to have the honor of writing the words of the national anthem.

For the Kingdom of Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the new government, the King of Egypt, the King of Egypt, the King of Egypt, the King of Egypt, the King of Egypt, the King of Egypt, as a gift on the occasion of the visit of the founder King Abdulaziz Al Saud (may God rest his soul) to Egypt in 1947, and until 1984 AD. This piece of music is what is played on official occasions and international forums as a symbol of Saudi Arabia.

Stumble and royal order
The idea stumbled for years, and work on the Saudi anthem stopped, but the late King Fahd bin Abdulaziz (may God have mercy on him) breathed life into it again, by declaring his desire for the work to come to light at last, but he stipulated that the anthem be free from the king’s name and be beyond customs and traditions.

The late poet Ibrahim Khafaji said in a previous television interview, documented at the time, that: “He spent six months preparing the text of the anthem, and then handed the text to the Saudi musician Siraj Omar, who was commissioned to install the text of the anthem and distribute it to the royal anthem music.”

This was confirmed by the famous technical journalist “Ali Fandash”; who accompanied the late artist “Siraj Omar”, in a previous statement to “Previously”; By saying: “In the era of King Fahd in the early eighties, they chose Siraj Omar; to adapt Ibrahim Khafaji’s words; to the peace composed by the Egyptian musician al-Khatib, and from King Fahd’s love; for the step he was following Siraj; while he was in Cairo with Zakaria Amer; and interested in all the steps of preparing the royal peace, Until the work was finished, it was presented to the king.”

King Fahd was impressed by the artistic stub, and decided to grant Khafaji a certificate of innocence and the King Abdulaziz Medal; In appreciation of his craftsmanship, he issued a lofty order for the sale of his pictures, and ordered their distribution to the Kingdom’s embassies abroad and official bodies.. Now the anthem is played and the flag is flapping.

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