10 mistakes we make that kill our mothers

July 03, 2021 – Dhu al-Qi’dah 23 1442
04:09 PM

He said: I say to every intelligent and intelligent person: “As you condemn, so shall you be condemned.”

Al-Amer: 10 mistakes we make and kill our mothers

Journalist A. Dr.. Othman bin Al-Amer, ten mistakes committed by our true religion.

heinous crime
In his article, “Does a boy kill his mother!” The most severe events and their effects: “there are climatic and gravitational crimes”: a person kills one of his parents, or a parent kills one of his children; When you read or hear this picture taking place in an Arab country and against a Muslim, your heart is wracked with grief, and your liver is broken with heartbreak and pain, and you do not find in the dictionary of good thought and seeking exits an excuse, nor a citizen of apology.

10 mistakes we kill our mothers with
Al-Amri adds: “This is about physical and physical killing of the mother, which we may all agree on the greatness of its ugliness, and the severity of its impact. As for the silent moral killing, it is seen and heard only rarely, due to its restrictions from the categories that exist in our youth, its percentage varies from some things Its forms vary, and its forms are numerous, and the final result (disobedience) is one of the major sins that our true religion has forbidden.

Among these photos:
* Feeling jealous of her person, indifference to her requests, and evading fulfilling her requirements, even if they are simple, or that they are difficult for oneself.

* Provide others, in any image, or the image obtained from the image.

* Her awareness of inferiority, her ignorance of what is going on of the hadith, and belittling its value, God forbid.

* Not respecting her when she responds to her speech.

* Embarrassing her to others.

* Neglecting her call and not answering her phone for any reason.

* Preoccupation with her, and negligence in her travel.

* Traveling without knowledge of it, and concealing your good news that makes you happy about it.

* Not praying for her and giving her alms.

* Complaining and weeping with her, and showering her with bad news that narrows her chest and disturbs her mind, the root of which is pain and disease.

As you condemn condemns
And the writer ends by saying: “This is the tip of the iceberg, and in fact, from what every sane person sees, it dispenses with saying and saying, and every opponent himself, and that he is an accelerator in this world, God has blessed us and you and our parents, living and dead.”

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