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10 Egyptian series you watch in one sitting


We often sit alone, neither on top of us nor on us, until the phantom of dreaded boredom leaps over us; We begin to search for a savior who takes us from the world of sadness and depression associated with boredom most of the time to another world that fascinates and entertains us. A world full of suspense and excitement, and some perks are acceptable. Whether this advantage is social, intellectual or even religious; Each of us has the right to eliminate boredom by whatever means is convenient for us, our hobbies and interests.

Today I am targeting fans of interesting social artwork who never take a postponement, which has happened to me personally. How many times am I bored; I want a work of art that will get me out of boredom and its troubles; I ask a friend or girlfriend to come up with an artwork that cannot be delayed or waited for.

Indeed, I have a good list that I am putting in your hands today .. so let’s talk about 10 Egyptian series, when you start with one of them you will not bear to wait and split the episodes even two days!

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The news (2016)

It is one of the most important and famous works by artist Yahya Al-Fakharani. Where the news takes you on a different journey to discover the devil again; So you get to know him, get close to him, and see the ways in which he enters the human mind so that he makes them sin.

The News series is an enjoyable and interconnected journey of wonderful stories and integrated works of art; Where the names of the characters are in harmony with their qualities and their actions … and the story between the father’s choice and the anger and news of that choice, and his desire to seduce him so that he comes back to life of sin, and to bring about a setback to his repentance!

The news series
The news series

Tonight (2017)

Technology has developed a lot and has become one of the blessings of this era, but there is some debate about how safe this technology is and how much privacy we enjoy?

إقرأ أيضا:Why do bad memories last for a long period of time?

Tell me: what would you do if you knew that on your cell phone someone was looking at you, seeing you and hearing you; And even saves you and you under all your conditions?

That’s what a lot of tonight’s series is about, which is the idea; This is the curse that binds most of his characters.

This series is characterized by the combination of suspense, excitement and interest, realism, acting power and high performance among the actors of this work; Its story is somewhat different and largely new to Egyptian drama.

Tonight's series
Tonight’s series

Astonishment (2014)

This is the second work in the collection of artist Yahya Al-Fakharani.

The series takes place in the village (Dahha), which is somewhere behind this simple plot, the location does not matter. But the important thing is the people and their nature in this village, and unfortunately the nature of the people there is bad; And it gets worse as the money, entertainment, and joys in life increase.

There is in the village of Dahsa a man of great wealth and great renown among the inhabitants of the village and the surrounding area, who is respected and appreciated by all. But over time, the situation changes completely, especially when he thinks about giving his money to his three daughters while he is still alive. And it is the opposite of what Sharia says.

إقرأ أيضا:قصة مسلسل قضية صفية

Then events follow, and the reality of humanity appears with it, so what will happen between him and his daughters, and where will the events take place and how will it end?

Surprise series
Surprise series

The Women’s Prison (2014)

We can sum up the events of the series in one question: Can a person who makes a mistake, even because of the nature of their upbringing, can start a new life?

In fact, it has become clear from the series that the answer to this question is not easy. The series revolves around 3 female characters; These are Ghalia, Delil and Reda, who suffered apparent injustice during their upbringing and afterwards.

This prompted them to commit crimes of all kinds which led to them imprisoning women. Where are they serving time and where most of the events of the series take place, how will the events unfold and what is their end?

Women's prison
Women’s Prison Series

Afrah al-Qobba (2016)

The series had a huge resonance when it was released and until now; We hear a lot about it and its excellent implementation. Which is not surprising. Because it combines a distinguished bouquet of great artists, led by Mona Zaki, Rania Youssef, Sabreen, Al-Sharnoubi, Saba Mubarak, Jamal Suleiman and many others.

The series is also based on a novel by Naguib Mahfouz of the same name, and its events in the seventies of the last century revolve around a theatrical troupe preparing to present a new play called Afrah al-Qobba, but the actors are surprised when reading the play that it revolves around their secrets from the past and not ordinary secrets, but rather shameful deeds they have performed. And they never wanted anyone to see it.

Who among us wants his secrets to be revealed; Therefore, they try to stop the play in different ways, but the producer of the work wants to continue, and stands before these attempts with all his might, to make the play go against everyone!

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Wedding dome series
Wedding dome series

Khawaja Abdel Qader (2012)

The Khawaja Abdul Qadir series can be classified as a spiritual and religious series within the framework of Sufism in love with God.

And I think there is no one more fit than the great artist Yahya Al-Fakharani to play the part of British Khawaja, Herbert Doberfield, who is drunk, unable to do anything and wants nothing other than death, except that when he travels on a business trip to Sudan, life and things are very different.

There, he meets a group of Sudanese Sufis, and through them discovers another aspect of life, an aspect that revolves around the love of God and elevating the soul to the rank of sublime, of truth, of kindness and beauty, and decides to embrace Islam, and at the same time live an unforgettable love affair with Zainab.

The Khawaja Abdul Qadir series
Khawaja Abdul Qadir

Grand Hotel (2016)

The series revolves around (Ali), played by artist Amr Youssef, who decides to travel to Aswan to search for his sister (Duha), who worked as a maid in one of the famous hotels in Aswan (Grand Hotel), and who has not had any contact for the Great Period; Unusually, he hasn’t sent her a single response several months ago.

Events follow one another and (Ali) finds out after a period of time and hardship that she got involved in a big problem that disappeared as a result, and from that point on, no one knows.

The Grand Hotel series
The Grand Hotel series

The Seven Commandments (2014)

The events of the Seven Commandments series revolve around 7 siblings who encounter a summons from their sister Bossi (Rania Youssef), who was living with their father, who was angry with them, and who was in a coma, and who suddenly found out he had £ 28million they were never aware of.

They all agree to kill him to inherit this money, but unfortunately and oddly enough, the father’s body suddenly disappears, Bossi is arrested, and the rest of the brothers are scattered throughout all parts of Egypt.

Events follow one another and fate has many surprises in store for the seven children, commandments that rekindle hope, and other stories that will make you hate to postpone an episode until tomorrow.

Seven Commandments Series
Seven Commandments Series

Without mentioning the names (2013)

The most recent in this series focuses on social and political life in Egypt in the 1980s. Where it highlights a number of human currents and trends of the time, such as begging by simplified (Ruby), Najah and others.

The series also shows the corruption of the press through Atef (Ahmed Farouk Al-Fishawi), a journalist who slowly went from a salesman of Basbousa obeying his father to this arrogant and corrupt journalist.

He also discusses the Islamic tendency of his time, which appears in Mu’tamid (Walid Fawaz) way of thinking and its effect on his wife Nawara (Houria Farghali), who traveled with him to Saudi Arabia against his will to return. to another completely different person.

There are successive events that you can’t split the series into two sessions until …!

A series without naming names
A series without naming names

My Way (2015)

It’s a drama series that takes place in the 1970s, where Dalila, a singing enthusiast, is subjected to torture and violence from members of her family. Because of this passion.

She is the daughter of one of the notables and elders of her town in the countryside, but despite everything, she decides to start her journey against everyone, who will help her, who will fight her, who will cheat, who will profit from ‘her, and will she arrive or not ?!

The series is not just a lyrical work or an autobiography, but it is full of interesting events and the complex human relationships we experience on a daily basis, which will only close your eyelids when you know the end of it.

My Way Series
My Way Series