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( under the bed )
Written by: Abdulaziz Al-Hashash

I didn’t know they were going to give me that room .. They cheated on me ..!
From the first day I walked into our new home and knew there was something strange about this house, I really don’t know why my dad insisted on moving us away from town to an area with small contiguous and remote government houses like this one?
When my older brother opened the door to the house, I felt a cold air burn my face, even though it was blazing July, it was the flame of the sun outside roasting a poor piece of meat standing at its mercy for more than ten minutes, so how if that cold air came from this house with worn furniture?
I remember my mother when my father informed her of the news to leave the house. He had made up his mind and was very firm in what he said … or ordered him:
– We are going to leave this house and move to another in a neighborhood (…) and I don’t want to hear anyone’s opposition
Here my mother submitted without discussing her will, despite what my brothers and we knew about her by her strong stubbornness which cannot be overcome by my father’s stubbornness and insistence. There is something wrong. There is something my mother and father are hiding from us.
In our old house, a week before we went out, black ants spread out … and black cockroaches came out from everywhere, from holes in the cracked walls, broken floors and little holes hidden in the bathroom. My sister was terrified and insisted that we leave the house, as her extreme tenderness and sensitivity could not bear living in such a dirty house.
The next day my mom asked the cleaning company, who in turn sprayed the house and sterilized it from all the bugs that were waiting for her. But we didn’t expect my sister’s wish to come true in this quick fashion. After only one night since the day of this insect accident … my father accepted my sister’s request and decided to leave the house .. How? Why? And where are we going? My father just kept silent, affirmed his order … and said … We will go out.
Yes .. I didn’t know they were going to give me that room .. They cheated on me ..!
We agreed from the start that my brothers and I had the room near my mom and dad’s room for me, because they know how many times in the night I wake up terrified of those nightmares I always see when I live the experience of sleeping in a house other than ours. How many times have I had nightmares in these three star hotels when we were traveling with my family, and how many times have I woken up choking and crying from a nightmare that set me apart when we were visiting loved ones in the cabin and slept with them, or when we went to land and slept In the camps… these were ruthless experiences… experiences where I saw death, so I always preferred to be close to my mother and father until ‘to seek help with them at night when I applied the nightmares of the dark night to my breath.
And now my brothers are deliberately giving me this far room .. Oh my God, it’s the only room on the third floor of the house! It is not a complete role. This is half the role that the owners of the house built before leaving it for unknown reasons. Most likely, they built it for their servant or to be a store for their neglected and excessive things. Or maybe it’s a room or a half floor for rent.
Today is our first day in this strange house, and I am alone in this U-turn .. alone in a room which is not my room .. and on a bed which is not my bed, today is the day of my date with my nightmares, you will definitely visit me .. The ghost of the nightmare will appear in a black dress with a loose hat Glued to her dress from the back, he lays it on his head so that the front of it falls on his face and covers half of his features, his hands are like the hands of the skeleton .. Today I’m going to sleep … and maybe I won’t won’t wake up ..
I went to bed and stacked under the blanket, I want to close my eyes, but I don’t want to see the darkness, I want to close my eyes, but I don’t want to open it and see the nightmare in front me .. Standing in the dark, wearing a white hook .. Maybe this time he wants to chop off my head .. Sorry I told you about .. but maybe this post will be the last .. Who knows. Maybe after tonight no one will see me ..!
Signed / Salem – 13 years old

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When he had finished writing his letter, Salem put out the small lamp that was in his hand and pulled his head out from under the quilt that supported him with his head like the pillar of a small tent, and he placed the letter and the lamp next to him, then he surrendered and closed his eyes.
Moments passed long … slowly … and only silence could be heard. Then Salem Al-Ain fell asleep, the sons of sleep took him away from his fears.

The night is dark … and silence is applied to the new house, the parents sleep in their new rooms, and Salem is alone in the attic … in this small room. Suddenly … the cold air spread in the room, the curtain hanging on the small window moved, the lamp that Salem placed near him shook … and it fell … but made no noise … he fell on the little pillow that preceded the lamp as he fell a few minutes ago off the top of Salem’s bed … Salem moved without feeling as he rolled over on the bed, then suddenly .. Salem felt something .. It was something that kicked her downstairs bed. Salem’s imagination didn’t understand the situation, he thought it was a nightmare .. He thought it was sleep .. He thought… .. he was dreaming!
But Salem felt the cold coming closer and closer, he got back on the bed .. and every time he moved .. he felt something hit his slender body under the bed .. Salem was afraid .. he opened the door. half an eye .. he turned to his left side .. he felt a kick this time, but it was It was stronger… It was really stronger. He even felt pain in his side… Salem was more scared… He reached out to take the lamp… but it wasn’t in place… The lamp fell… Why have you fallen now? Salem whispered in his secret .. he reached out his hand in the middle of the darkness .. his hand was wading all over the place .. here and there .. he couldn’t find it .. but he remembered .. yes .. he might have fallen to the ground .. i will reach out and try to reach him on the floor … salem reached out … flopped with her on the right side … flopped with her on the left … his hand touched the small pillow, his hand touched the floor of the room, and he felt the cold with which the ceramic was saturated … The bed … he reached out to reach for it … He stretched it further looking under the bed… And suddenly… a hand tightened on his hand .. It was felt by the hand of a skeleton clutching the flesh of his hand .. Salem was terrified .. And with an involuntary movement, I wanted to withdraw his hand .. but that He couldn’t… the hand grabbed it… he grabbed it firmly… he wanted to scream… and when he opened his mouth… he felt thousands of flocks of black ants go out out of his mouth… and he saw them spread all over… his face… his clothes. His hands, his legs, his bed, the walls, the floor.

إقرأ أيضا:قضية زوج نانسي عجرم

And the next day … news spread across the country … about the loss of a child named Salem from his family’s house in the middle of the night .. And they reported in the news that he had left a message describing his fear of nightmares .. and the parents indicated that he has a great imagination and loves to write and read voraciously. They found no evidence except for numerous black ants that spread around the house without pest control teams being able to eliminate them. As for under the bed, the police did not find any evidence to guide them … except for one thing … a bone in Adam’s hand He died for many years!

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– Finished –
Writer / Abdulaziz Al-Hashash

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